FM 38

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The next day at the office was pure hell. Kolt and Tommy were doing the usual…arguing about every little thing. I drowned them out and tried to focus on my paperwork. I couldn’t do anything with my current case. The one with so many dead ends. But now at least I knew why there were no new leads…my suspect was standing merely feet away. I didn’t know how to act like I normally would around him…not without blowing up on him. So I ignored any attempts he made to talk to me. I’m sure he knew something was up. But I needed to investigate him first and try to figure out where he was keeping Maddie. And I had to find out more about him…I looked over at Tommy and wondered if he would help. I sent him a text and invited him for coffee tomorrow morning. He glanced up from his phone and gave me a thumbs up. Finally the day was over and Kolt caught up with me as I was leaving. “Wait up, Casey.” He laid his hand on my arm…and I promptly turned around and shoved him. “Do not touch me.” I growled at him. “Okay…I’m sorry. I understand that you’re in a tough place right now…but something else is going on. Why do I get the feeling that you’re mad at me?” He asked. I shrugged and refused to meet his eyes. “Well…I can’t fix it if you if you won’t talk to me.” I snorted and rolled my eyes. “Because talking about it will fix everything…right Kolt?” He raised his eyebrow. “Alright…listen to me. You’re going to come over to my place tonight. We’re going to have dinner together and you’re going to tell me what’s on your mind. I will not accept no for an answer.” He stared me down, daring me to object. “Fine. I’ll be there.”


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