SS 25


I took a long nap and woke up refreshed. But I still felt bad for hurting Hannah’s feelings the way I did. I was making my way to her bedroom to apologize…when I noticed the fog seeping through the walls once more. “Noooo…not again.” I moaned. And just like I thought she would, the weeping girl crawled out of the walls. But this time…she wasn’t alone. The butler appeared, headless, and the maid was riding his back…like he was some kind of steed from hell. They both looked like they’d been dead for a very long time. I hadn’t even noticed the maid was missing. The girl reached out for me, just like she’d done before. I fell down trying to get away from them. “Help me!” I screamed as loud as I could while scooting away from her. I heard footsteps on the stairs. Someone would save me! Aiden reached me first and jumped in front of me for protection. I saw the way the girl looked at him…with her hands! I had to turn away. Then Sheldon was there…with his arms around me. There was so much noise. Screams, the sound of nails dragging against the floor, and Hannah was crying for Aiden. Hell was breaking loose all around me but I knew I was safe inside Sheldon’s arms. “I’ve got you. Don’t look.” He whispered. But I didn’t listen. The girl had Aiden by the hair and was dragging him to the attic. Hannah ran after them and reached out for his hand but the door slammed shut in her face. “Wait Hannah! Let me go.” Sheldon jumped up and took off up the stairs while Hannah sat beside me on the floor. I squeezed her hand. But Sheldon came back and shook his head sadly. There was nothing up there. The attic was empty…


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