SS 27


A few weeks after Aiden’s disappearance, Sheldon began to behave oddly. He would stare at the walls and talk to himself. “Do you hear that?” He’d say to no one in particular. “The singing. She’s always singing.” That day, I was trying to have a conversation with him when to my surprise, he took off for the front door. I pulled him back before he could walk outside. “Where are you going? You know we can’t leave here, sweetheart.” He looked at me as if he didn’t recognize me and jerked his arm away from me. “I have to go. It will not stop unless I go to her.” I frowned. “What won’t stop? And who?” He cocked his head to the side, listening to things I couldn’t hear. “The singing. It’s pulling me to her. To the ocean. I belong there.” I blocked the doorway. “Even if you could leave, I won’t let you. You belong HERE…with me. And your unborn child.” I motioned towards my stomach. But he wasn’t listening to me, his eyes were trained on the ocean behind me. He suddenly pushed past me and went out the door. “I’m sorry Elaine. I’m so sorry.” He mumbled as he ran. I gasped as I watched him run across the street to the cliffs. He was able to leave! But when I tried to follow, my feet would move no further. “Wait, Sheldon! Please, don’t go!” I called after him. Then I ran up the stairs to the second story balcony and from there, I could just barely make him out in the distance. He was staring over the edge of the cliff, down into the sea below. “No! Don’t do it!” I screamed at him. He turned his head to look back at me one last time…then he jumped.


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