FM 41


Unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t swayed by Ginger’s pictures…he said that his father would never cut his hair that short. That was his only defense and I still wasn’t ready to give up on my hunch. But imagine my surprise when Kolt showed up at the station the next morning…with short hair. Now he looked exactly like he had in the pictures. I motioned at Tommy behind Kolt’s back and mouthed “I told you so!” Tommy’s face was ashen. He didn’t want to believe it but it was beginning to look like I was onto something. “You look different.” I remarked to Kolt. He chuckled. “So do you, Shannon. Put on a little weight?” I opened my mouth to speak. “I-I uh…” I stuttered. He waved me off. “Anyways, I’m taking the day off. I’ve got some things to do around the farm. You kids have fun.” He tipped his hat at us and walked out the door.

It wasn’t until that evening after I’d already gotten home and was lounging around on the couch when what Kolt said clicked. I jumped up and dialed Tommy’s number. “What farm was your dad talking about, Tommy? Shouldn’t he have said cabin…not farm? Do you have any idea what he’s talking about?” I listened to his response as my heart pounded in my chest. “Okay, text me the address…I’ll meet you there.”

“So this is the place?” I asked Tommy anxiously. “It’s got to be. It’s the only farm our family has…it was my great-grandma’s. And I don’t think I’ve ever been here before.” He looked around. “Isn’t that your dad’s truck?” I pointed towards the barn at the end of the driveway. He frowned. “Yeah. Come on, let’s check out the house first.” We searched it top to bottom and found nothing…then moved our search to the barn. “Tommy…you won’t believe this! There’s a staircase in the damn bathroom!” I called out before descending the steps. “Shannon, you can’t just run off like that-” He was saying as he stomped down the stairs after me but I interrupted him when I cried out my sister’s name. “Maddie!” The cell door came open easily and I ran to her with Tommy right behind me. Madison opened her eyes wide and squinted up at us. “Shannon…Tommy? Get out of here! It’s a trap!” But it was too late…the cell door slammed shut, locking all of us in.


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