FM 44


A collective gasp went around the room as the man took his mask off. It was Kolt…but it couldn’t be if Kolt was in the cell next to us. What in the world was going on? I realized that now that he was up close, I could see the minor differences. His frame was thinner, his facial features were sharper, and his teeth were crooked. Was this Brad? “Do I look familiar to you…brother?” He asked Kolt sarcastically. “I don’t have any siblings.” Kolt struggled to find his voice. “You really don’t remember, do you? I didn’t either…at first. But after I did some digging into our family history, the memories started coming back.” He dragged his chair closer to Kolt and pulled a gun out of the front of his pants…which he laid on the table next to him. “We’re twins. Bradley and Kolton Gallagher. I’m older by three minutes by the way. Surprise!” Brad chuckled. “So long story short…Mom couldn’t handle the both of us after Dad died. You were her favorite, of course. On the other hand, I was a handful. So guess who got sent to live with Grandma on this very farm?” He scowled and motioned around. “Me. You at least remember Grandma right? Mean as a snake? Drank whiskey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? She was a real piece of work. But then, so was I.” He looked mighty proud of himself. “The thing is, she would go and visit the two of you but leave me behind. It was like I was some kind of dirty secret that had to stay hidden. And when Grandma finally took that nasty fall down the stairs, Child Services tried to find Mom but she’d moved out of town with you…the golden child.” He paused for dramatic effect. “Do you know what happened to me then?”


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