SS 31


“My own good?” I muttered angrily as I strode down the sidewalk, hugging my arms for warmth. How was I supposed to live without her? I missed her already. And I just wasn’t ready to be on my own yet. “Mama, you didn’t prepare me for this.” I moaned. I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye. Eventually I found the address she’d given me. I gazed up at the looming structure in front of me and imagined the life I could’ve had. A complete one with both my parents and so many friends. I sighed and made my way up the stairs. Under the doormat was a key…just like Mama said there would be. I opened the door and went inside. Cobwebs had made their homes in all the corners and the wallpaper was peeling. It smelled stale…like no one had opened a window or cracked or door in decades…which was probably the truth. I blew the dust off of the framed pictures hanging on the walls and traced my finger down the faces in them. My mama was so pretty and my dad was so handsome. I looked around the living room and kitchen before finally going upstairs. I found a small room decorated for a child. I smiled. This was supposed to be my room. I laid on the bed and struggled to fall asleep. It felt so different here. The old mansion by the sea was alive in a way but this place…it was vastly empty.


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