FM 45


Kolt: “I was sent to live in a group home for troubled boys. I never really fit in there. Or anywhere. So when I was fourteen, I ran away. Been living on the streets ever since.” Well imagine that. Every criminal I’d ever met had a sob story and they all sounded the same. I didn’t pity not a one of them. A man’s upbringing doesn’t shape his future. Their actions do. But yet I couldn’t stop staring at Brad. This bitter shell of a man who brandished my face. Something deep in my gut knew he was telling the truth. I was desperately trying to concentrate on his confession but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would do to him once I got out of this cage. “My life pales in comparison to yours. You had it good, I’m sure. You had Mom.” He interrupted my thoughts. “But I didn’t know what I’d missed out on until the day you nearly arrested me. You ran us off from the park…we were drunk and “disorderly.” You let us go with a warning, even after my ex gave you a tongue lashing. You didn’t even look at me…you looked right through me. But I noticed you…brother.” He laughed. “So I made it my mission to MAKE you see me…everywhere. I figured I’d leave you breadcrumbs until you connected  all the pieces together…but you never did. So here’s a thought for you, Kolt. Think of all the bodies you DIDN’T find.” I swore at him under my breath. “Then you called me out on live tv. You were so arrogant. Made me feel even more inferior than I already did.” He shook his head angrily. “I had to take something you loved away. Your wife.” I gripped the door handle and pulled as hard as I could…it just wouldn’t budge. “Their mother,” He pointed to Shannon and Madison, “saw me casing your house. She thought I was you, of course…but I had to get rid of her before she figured it out.” I could hear the girls crying in the cell next to mine. “Then you chased me deep into the mountains where I finally grew bored of our game. I met a girl. Settled down for a while. Until I heard that your son had moved back here…and lo and behold, you were right behind him.”



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