SS 32


I spent the next morning getting acquainted with my new surroundings. I was walking by a small store when I noticed a “Now Hiring” sign on the sidewalk. “Just my luck!” I thought to myself. I went inside and spoke with the store owner. “What kind of stuff do you sell here anyways?” I asked the the lady, whose name was Nerissa. “Herbal remedies. Lotions. Oils. Candles.” She gazed intently at me. “Hmm. You look familiar to me. What’s your name?” She asked. “Melinda Crosby, miss.” She gave me a toothy grin. “Ahh. How is your mother?” I frowned. “She’s alright, I suppose…how do you know her?” She pulled more glass vials from a box and placed them on the counter. “I guess you could say we have history.” She shrugged. “Enough small talk. You came here for a job right?” I nodded energetically. She put me to work behind the cash register right away. “Impress me with your sales skills, mortal. Here comes customers now.” She motioned towards the door. It was a young man and an older woman. She kept picking things up and he’d gently take them away from her and put them back down. “Excuse my mother, she’s a bit of a compulsive shopper.” He gave me a charming smile. I blushed a deep red. “N-no problem.” He propped his elbow on the counter and leaned in closer to talk to me. “You’re new here. What’s your name?” I shyly looked down at my feet. “Melinda.” I stuttered. “That’s a pretty name. I’m Jonah.”



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