FM 52


Three years later…
Being a parent has been hard…like even harder than it was for me to graduate the police academy. I’m not saying that every single moment since Quinn’s birth hasn’t been worth it though…because it has been! I just didn’t think I’d be raising my daughter alone. Well…not completely alone. My father, Madison, and even Tommy has been there every step of the way. And I definitely appreciate my father even more now that I’ve walked in his shoes…and still he raised TWO girls on his own. He really is a super hero. And Quinn…she is an angel. Her smile lights up my whole world. She is extremely strong-willed and very friendly with people. She is not afraid to take off running into a crowd and has no sense of fear. She will approach and hug perfect strangers…morning joggers, shoppers in the grocery store, visitors at the park. All the chasing after her that I do definitely keeps me in shape. And she looks so much like Kolt that sometimes it makes my heart ache. We have a full and happy life, but my mind often wonders what could have been…
I haven’t seen Kolt since the day he walked out of my life at Madison’s wedding. And as much as I’ve tried to hate him and block him from my mind…I just can’t. Even after all this time, I still love him. He sends a hefty check every month but there is never a return address. If it wasn’t for Tommy, I wouldn’t know anything. Thankfully he gives me small updates every time he finds something out. About a year ago he relayed the news that Kolt sold his cabin in the mountains and is currently living “off the grid.” I just hope that wherever he is, he’s happy.



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