C 8


Savannah looked at me uncomfortably as she flushed the toilet and washed her hands. “I’m sorry for barging in like this. But I need your help.” I whispered urgently. She raised her brows at me. “What can I do for you?” She asked uncertainly. “You have to get us out of here. Me and Milo both.” Her eyes widened in shock. “Ricky keeps us locked in the bedroom all day until he gets home from work. We’re his prisoners, not his family.” Savannah gasped in horror at my words. “I haven’t been outside in nearly three years.” I sobbed into my hands. She held on to the sink to keep from toppling over. “Please. You have to help us.” I begged her.
“I’ve been working with Richard for five years and he never once mentioned you or Milo.” Savannah shook her head and tried to regain her balance. “I should’ve known something was off about him.” She frowned and gazed into the mirror. “But no…I thought he was such a nice man.” She groaned and looked as if she was going to be sick. “Don’t you worry about a thing. I’m going to help you. I promise.” She patted my shoulders comfortingly. “I’m going to come back for you in the morning after he leaves for work. I’ll be here by nine so have everything packed and ready by then.” She gave me a tender smile. “Thank you so much.” I sighed in relief. “Really. You don’t know how much this means to me.” I wiped the tears from eyes. “Izzy!” Ricky called from the dining room. “Get in here.”
He narrowed his eyes at me as we sat back down at the table together. “Where were you?” I opened my mouth and looked at Savannah helplessly. “Oh Richard, it’s nothing you want to hear.” She giggled. “But if you must know, I asked her to show me where the tampons were.” She smirked. He turned up his nose and went back to eating his food. I smiled at Savannah gratefully and she winked at me. Our secret was safe, for now.

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