C 9


The next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn and began cramming everything I could into a few small suitcases. “I think that’s about it. We won’t be able to carry anymore than that.” I wiped my forehead and sat down heavily on the bed, waking Milo up in the process. “Sorry, sweetie.” I cooed at him and tickled his tummy. “It’s time for you to get up anyways. We have a big day ahead of us!” I told him cheerfully. But he wasn’t having none of it. He whined and kicked his feet. “You sure are a grumpy little fellow this morning.” I teased him as I handed him a box of animal crackers to keep him quiet for a few moments.
“So…guess what happens today?!” I asked Milo after he was in a much better mood. He looked up at me and cocked his head to the side. “We’re going bye-bye!” His eyes grew big as saucers. I picked him up and swung him around excitedly. “We’re going to get a brand new life, little guy!” He squealed happily in response. “No more locked doors. No more angry voices. And no more being quiet all the time!” I sang out loud. Milo clapped his hands in glee. “Oh and maybe we’ll find a house with a big yard. And we’ll get to play outside! And roll around in the grass until we’re covered in dirt and sweaty from the sun shining down on us.” I sighed thoughtfully. “We can go to the park too! And swing on the swing-sets. And I’ll take you fishing! How about that?” I kissed him sloppily on the cheek. “Does that sound fun to you?” He nodded and plopped down in the floor to play with a stuffed animal. “All we have to do now is wait.” I mumbled and gazed out the window. Savannah was nearly two hours late.
Panic begin to twist in my chest as I watched the clock tick away. It was nearly time for Richard to get home from work. And I had to face the music…Savannah wasn’t coming. I swallowed loudly and gazed at our pile of belongings in the floor. I was trying to decide if I should just unpack everything or hide them under the bed for another day when I heard Ricky’s car pull up outside. A car door slammed shut…and then another. He had someone with him. I quickly hid the suitcases in the closet then put my ear to the door to listen. Imagine my surprise when the doorknob rattled and clicked. “It’s unlocked. Come on out, Isabel.”

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