C 11


I pressed my ear against the door but Ricky and Savannah only spoke in hushed whispers after I left the room. I couldn’t make out a word they were saying. I sighed and turned to Milo. He rubbed his eyes sleepily. “Ready for bed, little guy?” I asked him as we changed into our pajamas. We were halfway into a bedtime story when I heard Ricky’s car pull away from the house. He had to be taking Savannah home. He returned shortly afterwards and he immediately stomped towards our bedroom. I sat up and gulped as his footsteps grew closer.

“What in the hell were you thinking?” He exploded as he burst in. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done, Izzy?” He sat down heavily on the bed and threw his arms up in defeat. “What I’ve done?” I asked incredulously. “What you’re doing to us is wrong, Ricky! We can’t live like this any longer!” I folded my arms over my chest. “I’ve done nothing but you protect you and our son. I’ve put a roof over our heads and provided you both with anything you could’ve ever wanted. What’s so bad about that?” He raised his brows skeptically. “I can’t take our son to the park. He’s a growing boy, he needs fresh air! And you won’t even let me go to the grocery store. You keep us locked up in this house all day…like we’re your prisoners!” I spat at him. “You’re delusional if you really think this is okay.” He laughed at my words. “I’m the delusional one? For protecting what’s mine? Are you even listening to yourself, Izzy?” He asked me. I glanced at Milo sleeping soundly through our heated argument. “Just go before you wake up our son.” I shooed him away. “I want you to know that my hand is being forced. And it’s all because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. So good job on ripping our family apart.” He told me nastily. “What are you going on about now?” I rolled my eyes and reached over to turn out the lamp. Then I pulled Milo into my arms and laid back down on the bed with him.

Ricky stood there and stared down at us intently as we snuggled closer together. “You better get a good night’s sleep, because in the morning, everything is going to change.” He bent down and kissed me on the forehead, surprising me with the brief affection. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you, Izzy.” He whispered in my ear. “Bad things always happen when you keep secrets.”


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