C 21


Rachel joined me for group therapy on her last day at the institution. It was going pretty well until I was asked to speak…

“And how are you doing today, Isabel? Anything you want to share?” The doctor peered over her glasses at me. “Okay, sure.” I gulped and looked around the room. The other patients stared back at me expectantly. “Well…I’m kind of sad.” I glanced down at my hands in my lap. “And why is that?” Dr. Wilkes asked, her pen raised above her notebook. “Um…well…my best friend is going home today. I’m really happy for her but I’m seriously going to miss her too. It just won’t be the same without her.” Dr. Wilkes nodded for me to continue. “And I guess…I’m just worried that I’ll never see her again.” My eyes welled up with tears. “Oh Izzy.” Rachel murmured and patted my leg. “That’ll never happen.” She gave me a hopeful smile. I nodded and wiped my face with my sleeve. “If you say so.” I shrugged nonchalantly. “And do you feel better now that you’ve told us what was on your mind?” Dr. Wilkes asked. “I guess so.” She began to write in her notebook again. “Good, good.” She muttered as she scribbled. “I guess that wraps things up for today. Everyone is dismissed.”

I walked over to the refreshments table for something to drink and Rachel followed closely at my heels. “Izzy…we need to talk.” I grabbed a cookie from a small tray and stuffed it into my mouth. “So talk.” I mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate chips. She took my hands in hers and held them tightly. “I’m going to come back for you. It might take me a few days because we’re going to need resources. Money, food, clothes, a place to stay.” She began to speak quickly, making plans. “But I will come back. And it’ll be soon. So be waiting for me, okay? Because I swear it, Izzy…I can’t just leave you behind.” She told me solemnly. “I’m busting you out of here.”


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