C 23


Rachel took me back to her hotel room which actually wasn’t too far from the town I used to live in. That night we celebrated my escape by ordering pizza and watching old movies until we finally passed out around dawn. I woke up at noon and tried to slip out of bed as quietly as possible while Rachel still snored away. I pulled on some of the clothes Rachel had bought for me and put her car keys in my pocket then out the door I went. I was on a mission…

When Ricky opened the door, he stared at me in apparent disbelief. “Wh-what are you doing here, Izzy? Why aren’t you at the hospital?” He stuttered. “They released me.” I lied to his face. “And I know about the checks, Richard. How long were you planning to keep the ruse going?” I glared at him fiercely. He gasped and covered his mouth. “I can’t…I can’t believe this. This is insane. They let you go? Just like that?” He stood there shaking his head. “Get out of my way…right now. I want to see my son.” I barged past him, nearly toppling him over, and walked right in. Milo was in the living room playing with his blocks. “Hey there, little guy!” I said to him in a cheerful tone and kneeled down next to him. “Mama!” He cried out as he ran into my open arms. I picked him up and hugged him tightly. “Oh, I missed you so much.” I whispered into his ear.

“You need to leave, Isabel. The doctors may have given you a clean bill of health but you’re still not welcome in our home. Don’t make us call the cops.” Savannah told me threateningly. Ricky stood behind her nodding his head in agreement. “We can’t have someone like you around Milo. So just put him down and go. This is something we can settle in court. But I’ll warn you now…you won’t win.” She sneered at me. “Is that so? But we all know that I’m not crazy…right?” I gave her a knowing smile. “Maybe you should call the cops. That’s a conversation I’m dying to have.” I raised my eyebrows. All of the color drained from Savannah’s face. It felt good to have leverage.”But…I will be the bigger person and go. For today. I refuse to do this in front of my son. I will be back though.” I promised them both. “This is far from over.”


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