C 29


“So Hannah…are you having an affair with my husband?” I asked bluntly at dinner. “What?” The petite brunette choked on her food and looked up at me in bewilderment. I stared back at her steadily then drained my wine glass. She turned her questioning gaze to Ricky and he shook his head to silence her. Hannah was different from the woman in my dream but in a sense, she was the same. “You know what…you can have him. I won’t get in your way.” I shrugged and poured myself another glass of wine. “Isabel.” Ricky warned me darkly. “You’ve had enough.”

“Oh, you’re right. I’ve had enough. Of you.” I stood suddenly and took Milo out of his high chair. “Let’s go bye-bye…how does that sound?” He grinned and clapped his hands. “What do you think you’re doing?” Ricky jumped up from his chair, his face red with anger. “I’m doing what I should’ve done years ago. I’m leaving and I’m taking my son with me. And if you even dare to try and stop me, I…WILL…KILL…YOU.” I hissed at him furiously. Ricky put his hands up and backed away from me. “Isabel…you’re not acting like yourself. You should really go lie down. I’m sure you’ll feel better in the morning. Now come on.” He took me by the arm and tried to drag me back to the bedroom.

“Get off of me!” I cried as I pulled his hand to my mouth and bit down hard enough to make him squeal. I’m pretty sure I tasted blood and in that moment, I felt invincible. He jerked away and gaped at me. “I can’t believe it! You bit me? Like some kind of animal? Have you lost your mind?” He yelled frantically as Hannah hurried over to inspect the bite. “You should be medicated!” She spat at me then she cradled Ricky’s arm. “It’s pretty funny that you say that.” I growled, turning in her direction. “Maybe I’m crazy? Maybe I should be sent to a mental institution? I bet you already have a place in mind. Right?” She looked at me in shock, opening and closing her mouth but no words came out.

“Please…you can’t take my son away. I don’t deserve this!” Ricky pleaded with me. “No, you deserve a lot worse actually! In fact, the two of you deserve each other.” I glared at them with a deep hatred burning inside of me. I wanted to hurt them…so badly…but I couldn’t. Milo was watching. “Izzy, baby, think about what you’re doing.” He tried to appeal to me once more. “I know exactly what I’m doing! And do not call me that!” I screamed. He shrank away from me in terror. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself. Then I bent down to pick Milo up. He giggled and cupped my cheek. Instantly my heart felt lighter. “If you come after us, you’ll be sorry. I promise you that.” I told Ricky and Hannah as I walked to the front door. Luckily. they made no move to stop us. “Goodbye, Richard.”

It was finally over. We were free.


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