A Merry Catmas


It was the day before Christmas…and instead of feeling festive and full of holiday cheer, I was unfortunately very upset.


My best friends Travis and Summer were now officially an item. And it wasn’t fair! Watching them gaze at each other lovingly just made me feel even worse. I didn’t even want to celebrate anymore…and it was my favorite time of year!


We’d all been living together for over a year. Early on, Summer and I both had developed feelings for Travis. We made a pact that neither one of us would EVER pursue those feelings. Well…that was until Travis asked Summer out on a date. Then she forgot all about the promise she’d made to me. “Liberty, I’m sorry! But these things just happen sometimes.” She told me when I tried to remind her. “But what about me? Do you really think I want to be the third wheel? Some friend you are!” I complained angrily.


“Of course I’m your friend! But this is childish! We aren’t in high school anymore! Why can’t you just be happy for me?” She huffed and clenched her fists. “Because it hurts!” I cried. “Now I have to spend the holidays alone.” Summer sighed and shook her head. “But you won’t be alone. The three of us are still going to spend the day together tomorrow, Libs. It’ll be just like old times, I promise.” She put her arms around me and hugged me. “Your promises don’t mean anything to me anymore.” I pulled away from her. “I’m going to take a bubble bath and try to take my mind off of all of this.”


As I was soaking and contemplating whether or not I should just hold my head under the water and see how long I could hold my breath…I heard crying coming from outside. I wiped the frost off of the glass and strained to look out of the window. There was a small cat sitting in the snow, peering up at me with big pitiful eyes. “Oh you poor baby!” I cried. “I’ll be right there, don’t move!”


I wrapped myself in a towel and trudged out into the backyard all while shivering from the cold. I found the cat still waiting for me underneath the bathroom window. I gently picked her up and was greeted with happy purring. “Well hello there…Miss Kitty! Would you like to come inside?” I snuggled her close and tried to keep her warm.


I then took her to my bedroom. “I’ve always wanted a cat.” I told her as I put her on the floor and pet her. “But my roommates are allergic.” I stuck my lower lip out and pouted. “Maybe they’ll let me keep you anyways? It is the holidays, afterall.” I winked at Miss Kitty. “I’ll ask in the morning!” I climbed in the bed and patted the space next to me. Miss Kitty jumped up and laid down on my chest. I held her close and slept soundly all through the night.


Surprisingly, Travis and Summer had no problem with me keeping the cat. In fact, they even went out and bought her a bed and some treats. Maybe it was because they felt guilty…or maybe they wanted me to be happy. Either way I was grateful. When it was time to open presents, we all gathered in the living room together. And as my roomies moved closer to each other on the couch and kissed, I realized their relationship no longer bothered me. I was over it. So much can happen in a day. And who cared about silly things like pacts and promises anyways? I stifled a giggle and rubbed Miss Kitty’s belly. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


The end.


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