Date: August 19th, 1993
Subject: Agnes, Age 87

I sank to my knees miserably and rubbed my temples to ease the nagging headache that was beginning to manifest. I would just have to try again when I got back to my time. Maybe no one noticed I was gone yet. But if they had…then it was all over. All of my hard work would be for nothing. I picked myself up and took a deep breath to calm down…but it didn’t help a bit. A deep growl formed in my throat and in anger I belted out a string of curses.

“I refuse to be in the presence of someone who so carelessly uses profane language in a place like this! Get out of here!” Came a huffy voice from behind me. I spun around and found an old woman bending over to place a single white rose on grave. When turned to she glare at me, I recognized her instantly. “Sorry, Mrs. Crumplebottom. I’ll be leaving now.”


“Wait.” She commanded. An odd look crossed her face and she moved closer to squint up at me. I nervously squirmed under her intense stare but I stood my ground. “Could it be…” She whispered, her eyes widening. “It is! It’s YOU! How dare you!” She cried and swung her purse at me, landing a blow across my face. “Hey come on now, lady. There’s no need for all that.” I told her as I rubbed my sore cheek.

“How dare you come back now!” Her wails grew louder which made me extremely uncomfortable. “How many nights I lied awake dreaming of you. I counted the days until I’d see you again. And I waited sixty years for your return!” She wagged her finger in my face. “And now you come back…when I’m like this.” She looked down at her aged body in disgust. I put my hands up and began to slowly back away. “Look, you have me confused with someone else. I’m not who you think I am!”


She wrapped her frail arms around my waist then and hugged me tightly. “Even after all of this time, I can’t hate you. I forgive you, James. What’s left of my heart is still yours.” She told me in a hushed whisper. “You know my name?” My question was muffled by her bony shoulder digging into my jaw. Then I began to feel dizzy. “Uh…I don’t feel so well. Something isn’t right.” I pulled away from Mrs. Crumplebottom and the ground swam in front of me.


My time was up.

She still reached out for me as I began to vanish right before her eyes. “Goodbye, James.” She called to me sadly. “I don’t think I’ll live through losing you again.”


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