Camp Dread (Part 1)

“Selfish…that’s what you are. You don’t care about anyone except yourself.” My mother said to me as she shoved me out her car. “Enjoy your summer, brat.” It wasn’t my fault her newest boyfriend preferred my bedroom over hers but I couldn’t actually tell her that…I was already on thin ice. She gave me a dark look then peeled down the gravel drive leading back to highway. “How dramatic.” I mumbled as I turned to eye the campsite behind me.

The place was deserted. “Hello!” I called out. “Anyone here?”


I heard a door slam and a moment later, a young couple approached me. “Hi! You must be Lucy! Welcome to Camp Dread!” The girl waved at me. “I know it sounds morbid but it was a family name. Although, the locals around these parts fondly call it Camp Dead.” She smiled mischievously. “Okay.” I raised a brow. “Why exactly do they call it that?”


“Oh, it’s just some silly ghost story but we’ll get to that later.” She winked at me. “Anyways, I’m Lindsay and this is Steven. We really are so glad you could join us this summer. We can always use an extra counselor but I think the name scares away most volunteers.” She rolled her eyes and laughed. Except I never volunteered…I was forced. According to my mother, it was either this or getting sent to live with my Aunt Sarah. Wasn’t too hard of a choice.


“Our campers won’t be here until next week so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and learn the ropes.” Lindsay gazed up happily at her boyfriend as she chattered away. “Great.” I told her flatly. “Now let’s go get you settled in. We’ll show you to your cabin then make supper. I’m sure you’re starving.” My stomach decided to growl loudly at that moment. “Yeah. I could eat.” I shrugged. “Awesome! Follow me!” She chirped. I sighed and trailed along behind her. Lindsay seemed rather nice but her cheerfulness was eventually going to get under my skin.


At dinner later that night, Lindsay blabbed on and on about the camp some more. I nodded while I pretended to listen to her. Then I noticed how Steven’s eyes lingered on me longer than they should have. I had a gut feeling that he was going to be trouble for me. But that was perfectly fine…I loved trouble.


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