Shortly before she disappeared, Jennie began sneaking out of the house almost every night. Though I don’t think Mom would have cared if she went out anyways. We didn’t have a curfew and as long we did our chores and made sure Lizzie was well taken care of, we could do practically anything we wanted. I realize now that Jennie probably snuck around purely for the thrill of it. I never thought to ask where she went or who she was meeting. I always just assumed she was off to some party with some boy.

Just like the last time I saw her.


Jennie told me she was going to a new club opening with a friend and she sounded really excited about it. She invited me to tag along but I wanted to be in the bed by a decent hour. She slugged me in the arm. “You’re sleeping your life away, Cass.” She teased. “Yeah, right. I’ll go with you next time! I swear.” I stuck my tongue out at her.


I saw an older guy pick her up later that night…I noticed right away that they were more than just friends. Jennie liked to keep things private but I’m sure she would’ve told me his name…if only I’d asked. I made her promise to be careful before she left. She gave me wink and a quick thumbs up then slipped out the window.


I heard her climb back in around dawn. So I know for a fact that she came home. But when I woke up that afternoon, the house was empty…she was gone.


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