RTN 25

After a rather long and unpleasant night in the police station, I provided Detective Tanner with all of the information I’d learned over the past few months. He was able to find Aj’s body and connect the final missing pieces surrounding Jennie’s murder. Everything was pinned rightfully on my mother and Eddie, her accomplice. The case was closed a week later.


In the official report, Mom’s nasty fall was labeled an accident but Amy and I knew otherwise. There was an unspoken understanding between us…she’d really came through for me and I’d always be in her debt. I have plans to buy that girl an engagement ring before she wisens up and gets away.


Once I was no longer considered a suspect, I was able to go back home to Oasis Springs and visit the place were Jenny was put to rest. I left flowers on her grave and never returned…because I knew she wasn’t there.

She stayed with me just like she said she would. I thought it was going to be a bit morbid having her around since she was basically just waiting for me to die but I was wrong. Her presence in our home was not only comforting to me but Lizzie too. We’re the only ones who can see her which I think makes our bond even more special.


The very best part of it all is that we’re really doing it. We’re living out Jennie’s dream and we’re all under the same roof just like she always wanted.

The three Clay sisters…together forever.

The End.


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