Evermore 17

I made my dramatic entrance right as Lance and Danielle were preparing to say their vows. I slowly drifted down the aisle in my new white dress which caused an eruption of whispers and an occasional snicker from Whitney. I smirked when the music came to a full stop and the happy couple turned to face me. “Ever?” Lance gulped loudly. “I heard you were back…but I thought it was just an awful rumor.” He shook his head in disbelief. “But we saw your body…you were dead. You really were.” His last sentence came out in a whisper. “And I still am.” I chuckled to his horror. “This can’t be happening. Not today. Not today. Not today!” Dani began repeating like a broken record.


“Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, huh?” I narrowed my eyes at them and smiled deviously.

“This is going to be bad.” I heard Clay groan from behind me. He staggered over to me and I could smell the stink of the bar he’d been in all of the night before. “Come on Ever, let’s get you home.” He pulled my arm and tried to drag me away but I stood my ground. “You look a little under the weather, big brother. Maybe YOU should go home and sleep it off.” I hissed at him. “Now, shoo. I’ve got something to say!”


“No, I will not stand for this!” Dani stomped her foot and whined. “Dead or alive, you’re not going to ruin my wedding day!” I gasped in mock surprise. “Your wedding day!? Out of all of the days of the year, you chose this day? It would’ve been our three year anniversary if everything had gone as planned.” I glanced over at Lance and saw that he was turning a bright shade of red from embarrassment. “It was his idea! A tribute to you.” She sniffled. “Tribute?” I spat. “You could’ve saved me instead. You know…that day at the bluffs? Instead of breathing on each other all hot and heavy and leaving me to my doom.” The wedding guests gasped in shock. “It wasn’t like that!” Lance insisted. “Wasn’t it, though? You said you were going to end it with her that night! Because you finally figured out who you were really in love with…me!” Dani cried out. “We’re finally getting somewhere.” I muttered darkly. “Please. Just go!” Tears streamed down her face, ruining her perfectly winged mascara.


“Fine…I’ll leave. But only under one condition!” I whirled around and focused my angry gaze solely on her. “Admit that there was something you could’ve done after you pulled me out of the water…like CPR! You were a lifeguard in college for crying out loud!” Clay stiffened next to me at this tidbit of information. “But all you cared about was getting me out of the picture…even if that meant my death!”

“It’s possible.” She whispered hoarsely.

“And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen!” I announced as I walked away. “Enjoy the refreshments!”


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