Evermore 20

The next morning I woke up before Aiden. He looked so peaceful that I decided to let him sleep. I stretched then put my borrowed robe back on and soon after, I felt a gnawing pang of hunger. I would have to eat before long…but what? “Or who?” I muttered to myself uneasily. Then I thought that maybe if no one had found Lance yet, I could go back to where I hid his body and get myself a snack. But I already knew that I couldn’t risk it. To get my mind off of chowing down on body parts, I busied myself by exploring my surroundings.

In a dark corner of the cellar, there was a crude drawing with odd symbols on the floor surrounded by lit candles. It gave me a very bad feeling.


“Ever?” Aiden called out sleepily. I didn’t answer at first. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the circle in front of me. “I’m over here.” I replied hoarsely. “Oh shi-” He swore then ran his fingers through his hair nervously. “This is what I’ve been trying to tell you about.” He mumbled. “It was me, Ever.” He declared suddenly. “I brought you back.”

“How?” I choked out.


“With a reanimation spell. It didn’t work the first few times and I actually didn’t think it would ever work but then your body disappeared the last time I tried. I thought I’d lost you forever…but then you came back to me.” The wheels were turning in my head at this point. “You dug me up and brought me here to experiment on.” With each word my voice grew louder and louder. “And you’re the one who stole my wedding dress and put it on me like I was to be some sort of undead bride for you. Now I’m stuck like this for eternity.” I shook my head in disgust. “You should’ve just left me in the ground! Where I belong!” I shrieked. “I couldn’t bare living without you. I love you so damned much.” There was nothing but sincerity in his eyes and truth be told, I felt the same way, but it was wrong. It was all so very wrong. “If that’s really true then I want you to do something for me.”


“Anything.” He promised. “I want you to undo it.” I told him flatly. “W-what?” He stammered and fell to his knees. “No! Anything but that!” He pleaded. “I’m a monster that eats people! I killed Lance!” I admitted tearfully. “You need to put me down before I hurt anyone else!” I cried. “I can’t do that. I won’t.” He refused. “I can help you live a normal life, Ever. You can be with me and your family.”

“They don’t even want me here!” I sobbed and shrank to floor next to Aiden.

“That’s not true. Not in the least bit.” He put his arms around me to comfort me and even though I was still as furious as hell with him, I let him hold me. He lovingly kissed the top of my head then he whispered in my ear. “Let me prove it to you.”


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