Evermore 22

The sky grew darker still and the rain started coming down harder and harder. It felt as if it was a warning that something unpleasant was on the way. Mama glanced up just lightening struck a tree in the front yard. “Looks like there’s a bad storm coming. Let’s go start up a fire and have a bit of tea.” We began follow her in but then a ear-splitting shriek cut through the wind.


“Where is he?!” It was Danielle. She was covered in dirt and her eyes were wild. There was a loud click as she cocked the shotgun in her hands. “I won’t ask twice, Ever! I know you’re the reason he didn’t come home. Did you tell him to leave me?” She whimpered. “Of course not.” I told her gently. “I haven’t seen him since I left your wedding.”

“You’re lying to me!” She snapped. “Tell me the truth!”


While Dani had all of her attention focused on me, Aiden was able to get everyone inside. Once they were all locked up safely, he came to stand next to me. “What are you doing?” I hissed at him. “I’ve got this under control…run.” But it was too late at that point, Dani had already noticed him. “Isn’t this the weird guy that was always following you around? He was so obsessed with you and I can’t understand why.” She curled her lip in disgust. “Lance hated him.” She thrust the shotgun into Aiden’s chest and turned the safety off. “Ever…tell me what really happened to Lance or the freak gets it!”


“It was an accident!” I blurted out. Her eyes bulged as she stared back at me. “You killed him? The only man I’ve ever loved?” She whispered in horror. “It only seems fair for me to repay the favor.” She pulled the trigger. “No!” I cried as Aiden’s body crumpled to the ground. Then in a blur of movement, I had Dani pinned down. She screamed in pain as I dug my fingernails into her face and then into her chest. I ripped her heart out and threw it into the woods.

She wasn’t even worth eating.


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