Evermore 25

My name is Ever Moore and I died four years ago.

But even in death, I was able to keep everything I cherished the most. An annoying but loving mother. A fiercely loyal brother. An old and dear friend. And the love of my life and undead counterpart, Aiden.


I’m happy to say that I’ve learned a lot about peace and letting go within the last year. I know I’ll never be the person I was before because in a sense, that part of me is buried in a shallow grave in my Mama’s backyard.


Unfortunately I do still occasionally lose control but I have Aiden as my guide to keep me on a straight and narrow path. There hasn’t been an incident like Danielle or Lance in a very long time (who both eventually made their way to the bottom of our freezer with the rest of the frozen “goods”.)


Aiden and I may be monsters but we’ve dedicated ourselves to only picking off the truly despicable scum of society….and their numbers just keep on increasing. It’s like a buffet that never closes. When we first started hunting people down, I used to feel guilty for taking a life but I’ve come to accept that this is what we have to do. This is who we are.

Plus a girl’s gotta eat.

The End.


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