Deceit 5


“This is the best thing I could’ve hoped for after the day I had.” Michael tried to speak through frantic kisses once Jordan met him at a hotel they agreed upon on the other side of town. “I’ve been waiting so patiently for you to call and finally you did.” He smiled up at her happily. “Oh yeah?” She grinned seductively. “Just wait until you see what I’ve got on underneath my clothes.” She stood and took off her scrubs, revealing the lacy little number that she’d bought on her lunch break.


Michael gazed at her with hungry eyes. “Wow.” He rasped. “Just wow.” She giggled and pounced on him, pinning him down to the bed. “If you stare any longer your eyeballs just might pop out.” She teased. He reached up and trailed a finger down her cheek. “I just wanted to take a moment and make sure that the mental picture of you wearing that is ingrained in my mind for the rest of my days.” He whispered huskily. “Flatterer.” She stuck her tongue out at him then shot a quick glance at the clock on the nightstand. “We don’t have a lot of time.” She reminded him urgently. “We better make the most of it then.” His voice held the promise of many things to come.


“Do you think it’s possible to still be in love with someone that you haven’t even seen in a decade?” Michael thought out loud after their wild and frenzied lovemaking session. “Distance and time never separates two hearts that really care.” Jordan mumbled absentmindedly from where she was comfortably resting on his chest. It was some recycled jargon that she’d heard in a movie once but it still seemed to fit the scenario. “If we’re going to do this and I mean really do this then we shouldn’t have to sneak around like a couple of teenagers. We’re adults and we know what we want.” She looked up at him in confusion. “We do?” She asked in a low whisper. “I want you, Jordan. I always have. For as long as I can remember.” Michael confessed. “You need to leave your husband…as soon as possible.”


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