Deceit 6


“So how did your hot date last night go? Don’t hold back any details either…I’m going through a dry spell and now I have to live vicariously through you.” Alicia prattled on noisily in Jordan’s ear. “About how you expected.” Jordan mentioned casually. “Truth be told…I didn’t even feel like me anymore by the time I went home.” She declared. “He was that good, huh?” Alicia giggled loudly. “Does he happen to have a brother?”

“Sorry but no.” Jordan rolled her eyes and looked out of the window. “There’s more though.” She spoke in a hushed whisper in case her husband woke up from his nap. Then something outside caught her attention. “I’m going to have to call you back later…there’s someone snooping around my yard. “Do you want me to call the cops?” Alicia sounded concerned. “No…I think I know who it is.” Jordan growled and pressed the end button on her cell then marched to her mailbox. “What do you think you’re doing?” She hissed at Michael who jerked his head up from the pile of bills in his hands. “Bringing you your mail, of course.” He flashed her a charming smile and followed her to the front porch. “You can’t just show up here whenever you like. My husband is home.” She frowned at him and leaned against the door frame. “I’m sorry, babe…I didn’t know. But I thought you were going to do something about him.” Michael leaned in closer to place a gentle kiss on her neck. “You promised, remember?”


“I said that I would think about it, Michael!” She snapped and pulled away from him. “I can’t just leave any time I want. I have to be smart about this or I’ll end up penniless.” She admitted begrudgingly. “So it’s about the money then? I can’t give you a life like he can but we’ll get by just fine, I swear to that.” He stared at her intently. “That’s not all of it, you know.” She sighed.


“You’re mine now.” He whispered in her ear. “And I can’t stand the thought of you being here with him any longer than you have to be.” His sudden possessiveness was rubbing Jordan all wrong. “You need to leave. You’re not acting like yourself.” Michael gaped at her as if she’d just struck him. “Go now!”


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