Deceit 13


After changing into clean clothes, Jordan met Michael in her backyard once more. It was now a circus with the police combing the place and so far three bodies had been recovered. “I can’t believe this.” She moaned and covered her face. Michael put his arm around her to comfort her. “I never suspected a thing. How did you guess that my husband was behind this?” She asked him curiously. “His credit card was swiped in all of the places these girls were last seen. It was proof but not enough to charge him.” Michael cast a glance over his shoulder at the officers arguing behind them.

“Ignore them. They’re fighting over whether I should have to turn my badge in.” He smiled sheepishly. “Oh no. Why?” Jordan pretended to sound concerned. “For starters, I entered your house without a warrant. Then I drove around with a body in the back of my car instead of calling it in. But I had to get to you fast. I knew after he killed Alicia that you wouldn’t be far behind.” She forced tears to her eyes. “So you used me…as bait?”  He turned red with embarrassment. “Not exactly. But I wanted to catch him in action. I’m so sorry, Jordan.” He pulled her closer to his chest giving her the perfect opportunity to snag his wallet. “It’s okay.” She sniffled. “I’m just glad it’s over.”


“I’ll most likely be suspended from work which works out. I need some time off anyways. I think you do too.” He assumed. “I could definitely use a vacation. Like now.” She let out a small sob. “Well how about this? We can head up to my brother’s cabin in the mountains this weekend. It’s real nice up there.” She gave him a grateful smile. “That sounds wonderful, Michael. I could meet you there. Save the address in my phone.” She handed her cell to him. After he was done typing it in, he kissed her on the forehead. “I guess I need to go help them wrap everything up. Stay here.” She nodded her head but as soon as his back was turned, she slipped away from the crime scene and called for a taxi.


She shut her phone off and threw into the bushes. Michael would look for her, sure, but he wouldn’t find her…and if he did happen to get lucky, she would take care of him when that day came. She grinned at the driver when the cab came to stop in front of her then climbed into the backseat. “Where to?” He asked. “The airport.” She replied happily. “I hear Paris is nice this time of year.”

The End.


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