Little Lies 13

I had just crossed over into the trailer park when I heard footsteps behind me. “Val!” Johnny caught up with me and pulled me into his arms. “I just can’t say that I’m sorry enough. I would’ve left too. They’re terrible people but I swear, I’m nothing like them. I think the world of you.” Then it dawned on him where we were. “Is this where you live?” I nodded slowly and looked at the ground. “Home sweet home.” I mumbled. “But why didn’t you tell me?” His feelings were hurt and it made me feel really bad. “Take a good look around!” I shouted. “I was ashamed! Especially with what I know now! You grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth while I had nothing! I am nothing!” I fought back the tears that threatened to spill over.


“That’s not true.” He gently shook me. “You’re everything…to me. There’s nothing you could say that would make me think any less of you.” I let out dry laugh. “You say that now but you don’t know, Johnny. You don’t know everything there is to know about me.” I cried. “Then tell me, Val! I want to know it all! I’ll gladly listen.” He smiled at me. “I’m just absolutely floored that the girl of my dreams has lived across the street all of my life. You were right under my nose this whole time.” He tilted my chin up and made me look him in the eyes. “Valerie, I love you.” I gaped at him speechlessly. “It’s okay if it’s too soon for you to tell me how you feel. I can wait. I’m very patient, remember?” His gaze lingered on my body for a moment too long and I felt a blush creep to my cheeks. We’d been together a whole month without sleeping together. I hadn’t offered and he hadn’t pressured me but now we were at a stalemate.


He kissed me then and it was the kind of kiss that I’d only seen in movies. Deep, passionate, steamy, and it almost knocked me completely off my feet. “I want you so bad, Val. All of you. Do you think you could…uh, show me your room?” He murmured into my ear. “Yes.” I replied breathlessly. “But we have to be quiet. My mom is home.” I rolled my eyes. “Oh, I can be very quiet. She won’t even know that I’m here.” He promised and followed me inside.

12-12-18_4-38-42 AM

We’d almost made it unnoticed when my mother’s voice echoed down the hall. ‘Val, is that you?” I swore under my breath. “Yeah. I had a long night. Going straight to bed.” I yelled and prayed that she wouldn’t come check in on me. “Alright, sweet dreams.” She called. Johnny and I erupted into laughter when we finally made it to my bedroom and closed the door. Then things got serious again…fast. He helped me out of my dress then I took charge and laid down in the floor. “My bed squeaks. Get down here.” I demanded. “Yes, mam.” Johnny grinned and did as he was told. Once he was right were I wanted him, I caught him by surprise. “Johnny, I love you too.”


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