How Fruitcake Saved Christmas


After Catherine placed the last ornament on the tree, she took a step back and admired her handiwork. “What do you think, babe?” She asked her husband Marty. “It looks great. Just like every year, Cat.” He reminded her. “I didn’t have a lot to work with this time since we’re out here. But it was so nice of my sister to offer her cabin to us for the holidays.” She glanced at the family photo on the fireplace and smiled. “We could’ve gone without the fruitcake she left behind for us though.” Marty wrinkled his nose in disgust which caused Cat to burst out laughing.


Then Cat looked out the window and noticed that some of her porch decorations had been blown away by the wind. “Marty, will you go outside and fix the decorations for me?” She stuck her lower lip out in a cute pout. “Please?”


“Baby, it’s snowing!” He complained grumpily. “Besides, they’ll just get knocked over again in a few minutes.” She gave him sad puppy dog eyes. She loved this time of year and everything had to be completely perfect. “Ugh. Fine. I’m going.” He groaned and got up. Cat squealed happily and kissed Marty on the cheek to thank him before he ducked outside into the cold.


Cat watched from the door with a satisfied grin as Marty put her things back in place. Then she saw it. There was something big in the backyard…hiding behind a tree. “Marty! There’s something out there! I think it’s a person! Go check! They’re probably freezing!” She urged him.


Marty sighed and stomped down the steps. “I don’t see anything!” He called back to her a few moments later. “It’s right behind you!” She stepped out to get a better look at it. She was wrong…it wasn’t a person at all! It was some sort of creature! “Marty!” She gasped and ran back inside of the house. “Come back! Hurry!”


Marty wiped his feet on the doormat when he came in then saw the fear on his wife’s face. “What’s wrong, Cat?” She flew into his arms. “Thank goodness you’re okay!” She squeezed him tightly. “Why are you so upset?” He murmured in her ear. “Did you see it?” She gazed up at him. “See what?” Marty raised a brow in confusion. “That!” She screeched and pointed at the door. The thing had followed Marty back to the cabin. It stared at them intently before pushing it’s hand against the glass. When it figured out it couldn’t get inside that way, it wondered off.


There were several loud bangs outside the cabin as the creature tried to find another way to get in. Then to Cat’s absolute horror…the power went out. “Marty, I’m so scared.” She whispered as her husband held her trembling body. “What’s going to happen to us? Is it going to eat us?”


Then came a loud thud from behind them. They whirled around and came face to face with it in another window and they both screamed. “It looks so hungry!” Cat cried. “I don’t want to die today! Not on Christmas!”

“Wait…what’s it looking at?” Marty wondered aloud and turned around. “Maybe it is hungry.” He eyed the fruitcake sitting on the table. “Wait here…I have an idea.”


“Don’t go back out there! Please!” Cat begged Marty but it was too late. He’d already slipped outside. He got on his knees and crawled slowly to the creature then placed the plate he held at it’s feet. While it was distracted by the offering, Marty made a run for the cabin. Once back inside, he and Cat observed the creature devour it’s meal while it gave little grunts of enjoyment here and there.


Then to their utter relief, the creature shuffled back into the forest and was never to be seen again. Cat and Marty decided then and there that what they’d seen would be their little secret…because no one would ever believe the tale of how fruitcake saved Christmas.

The End.

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