Saucy Secrets 20

My phone died while I waited for the police to arrive and take me away. It didn’t matter if I had to sleep in a cell for a night or two, I had everything I needed to take Nancy down. Several hours passed before I realized no one was actually coming for me. “Of course she lied.” I growled. After trying to pick the door lock and unsuccessfully open the window, I sat down. “Way to go, Val.” I mumbled to myself as I swiveled around in Nancy’s office chair. I glanced at the time on the computer…it was nearly two in the morning. Suddenly the door flew open. “Valerie?” Queenie peered inside. “I’ve been trying to call you for hours! I grew worried when I couldn’t reach you.”


I so badly wanted to hug her neck. “Man, am I happy to see you. I’ve really got to use the bathroom.” I exclaimed with a sheepish smile. “Nancy told us that you left in hurry after she caught you snooping around in here. Something about the way she said it didn’t sit right with me.” I was just glad that someone thought to look for me. “She locked me in here and threatened to call the cops. It was worth it though. You won’t believe the stuff that I found on her computer.” An odd expression passed over Queenie’s face. “It’s best to leave it alone. No one will take you seriously.” She declared rather bluntly. “Wh-what?” I stammered. “Here are some clean clothes.” She handed them to me and began walking away. “Get dressed and meet me in the kitchen.” I followed her down the hall. “An apron? Why?” I asked. “It’s time we give Nancy a taste of her own medicine.” She turned back and gave me a dark look. “Literally.”


“You want me to make Italian meatballs?” I repeated after Queenie told me her plan. She shrugged and smiled. “I would do it myself but the arthritis in my hands has flared up. Besides, Nancy watches everything she eats but she just can’t help herself when it comes to her mother’s meatballs.” Queenie appeared sad fleetingly. “Are you sure you want me to go through with this?” I paused from chopping peppers. “Yes.” She nodded then grabbed a small bottle from the cabinet above her head and placed it next to the stove. “Add this to the sauce when it’s ready.” I opened it and looked at the crushed herbs inside. “What is it?” I sniffed the contents of the bottle. “Arnica.” She replied. I’d never heard of it.


“So can you tell me about your file on Nancy’s computer?” I peeked at her from the corner of my eye while I stirred the thick tomato sauce. Queenie sighed and thought for a moment before speaking. “I had an affair with a married man while Nancy’s father was still alive. If it’d ever come to light, it would’ve ruined my public image back then.” I raised my eyebrows. “Well what about now?” I pried. “My lover, Gunther, has been dead for at least twenty years but his son, Mortimer, is well known around these parts. I can’t let our past haunt him too.” I knew exactly who she was talking about the. The Goths were local celebrities. “I understand. How much do I use?” I changed the subject and pointed to the bottle. She stared back at me solemnly. “All of it.”

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