Here & Now 3


The next eight weeks passed in a blur and before I could fully get a grasp on my shattered life, I was already moving into my dorm. I left the deed to my mom’s house in Ashley’s hands. She’d talked me into selling it so that I’d have some money to fall back on when I was done with school. I just didn’t expect someone to make an offer on it so quickly though. When she came by later that day and told me that she’d already packed up all of my belongings and put them into storage, I felt weak to my knees. “Everything’s happening so fast.” I moaned and sank to the ground. “I’m so sorry, Miriam.” Ashley murmured as she sat down beside me. “I know what you’re going through and my heart aches for you.” I heard something slide across the floor a few moments later. “I found this box in the attic…it has your dad’s name on it. I thought you might want to go through it.” I glanced at the old tattered box and wiped the tears from my face.


“Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about him?” I asked. “Well…it was his junior year and he was on his way back here actually.” She looked as if she might cry now too. “He crashed his motorcycle.” I finished for her. “That’s about all my mom ever told me about him…but why did she always seem so mad when his name was brought up?” Ashley bit her lip and shrugged. “Gary was my brother so I’m always going to think highly of him but he wasn’t the most reliable person. Your mom may have also thought he was cheating on her with someone she was close to. That’s all I know.” She stood and wiped the back of her pants. “I need to head back before it gets dark. Are you sure you don’t want to come home with me?” She changed the subject smoothly. “I’m sure. This is where I want to be.” I replied a little too heatedly. “Okay, Miri.” She sighed. “Call me if you need me.” She muttered as she shut the door behind her.


I felt bad for snapping at her, especially when she’d been nothing but kind to me but I was also glad to be alone again. I sat in front of the box and began digging through it’s contents. One of the first things I found was a picture of both of my parents together. I brushed the dust off of the frame and held it in my lap. “They looked so happy.” I whispered to myself before I began to sob again. It just wasn’t fair.


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