My name is Lori and I write stories based around characters from “The Sims” PC game. I’ve enjoyed writing since the 8th grade when I found out that I really had the knack for it. I started out with poetry and other short stories until I made my way to this community about 6 years ago. I also dabble in making custom content and mods. My creations and those of my friends can be found here.

I’m an introvert at heart. I’ll take a night reading in bed than going out, anytime. I’m fond of all animals but especially cats. And as anyone can probably tell, I’m a huge nerd…I’m part of a lot of fandoms. Want to talk? Feel free to message me on Facebook.

I hope you stick around and read for awhile! If you like what I’ve written, leave a comment! I love feedback! Thanks for visiting! ❤

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