Homecoming 2.10

*Ethan’s POV*

It was the second day on the set, and things were going extremely well. Ethan didn’t really want to admit it to Mollie, but he was so excited to be acting again…it was his passion. When their lunch break rolled around, Ethan and Mollie walked hand in hand down the hallway of the theater to their dressing room. But once they went inside, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The small room was completely trashed and on the mirror there was a message written in what appeared to be red lipstick.

Mollie’s breath came out shakily as she searched for her belongings in the mess. “My purse is still here…but where is my coat?” She mumbled as she looked. “It’s gone, Ethan.” She furrowed her brows and looked up at her husband. “Why would someone take it? There wasn’t anything in the pockets.” She spoke mostly to herself as she squinted at the message scrawled across the dressing room mirror. “I still love you.” She read aloud. “Is this someone’s sick idea of a joke?” She clenched her hands at her sides.

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“Whoa, what happened in here?” Pop asked from where he was lingering in the doorway with Luna by his side. “We’re not really sure.” Ethan murmured as he watched Mollie closely. This was the last thing she needed. “I bet it was those kids we saw smoking in the parking lot a little while ago!” Luna piped up. “Unruly little shits!” She shook her head. “Matt needs to call the police. He’s been too soft on them.”

As if he knew that his name was mentioned, Matt burst into the room at that moment. “Sorry to interrupt, but I have some awful news. Our writer is in the hospital.” A collective gasp went around the room. “What happened to him?” Ethan asked. Matt pursed his lips and raked his fingers through his hair before answering. “Somehow he ingested rat poison.” Everyone fell silent then.

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A loud noise from the hallway closet startled them all. “What in the blazes was that?” Luna shrieked loudly and shoved Pop towards the hall. “Go look.” She whispered. Everyone trailed behind him as he crept to the door to investigate. Without wasting another second, he flung the door open and was met with a loud scream.


Homecoming 2.9

*Mollie’s POV*

Mollie had never been more relieved than when they had left that courtroom. She was so mortified that she didn’t even say a single word on the ride home. Home for now was actually a motel room while they were in the town where it all began: Salem Falls.

As soon as they returned home, Mollie went straight to their son and embraced him. She spent a good hour sitting in silence with him. She didn’t even change or eat. She just sat with him on her chest. He eventually fell asleep in her arms and if it weren’t for the situation at hand, Ethan probably would have found it adorable. Instead, he just stood far away from her and let her think through her thoughts. Then she spoke.

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“We should do it.”

“Do what?”

“The play.” Ethan furrowed his brows as she finally looked at him. “Matt’s play.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very.” And that was that. They didn’t speak about it anymore. They finished their day, then the next day they were at the playhouse with their son. They were surrounded by all the familiar faces that they had come to know so well during the production of Homecoming. It was hard to believe that it was ten years ago. It almost seemed like yesterday.

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“Calvin is so adorable!” Luna cooed as she played peek-a-boo with him.

“Thank you, Luna.”

“Ma,” she said as she looked up at her. “I insist that everyone still calls me that. Pop feels the same way. You know we really are thinkin’ of tyin’ the knot real soon.”

Mollie grinned awkwardly. “Oh yeah? Good for you!” she chimed before walking away with Calvin on her hip. Even though it was just a movie, Luna still got on her last damn nerve. That woman was weird.

“Alright, is everyone ready!?” called Matt. Everyone chimed their answer at the same time, but Mollie’s eyes were to the shadows. It seemed like she could never stop looking in the dark places. That feeling just wouldn’t go away. She doubt it ever would…

Homecoming 2.8

*Ethan’s POV*

Over the next two days, Ethan watched helplessly as Mollie’s brave exterior began to deteriorate. Evan’s upcoming parole hearing was taking its toll on her. While they were packing their things to make the trip back to their hometown in order to be present for the hearing, Mollie suddenly threw her suitcase across the room.

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“I can’t do it, Ethan.” She murmured shakily as she perched on the edge of the bed. “I can’t face him again.” He sat down next to her and put his arm around her. “Mol, you have to be there. They need to hear from you to be able to make a decision.”

“But what if they let him out, Ethan? What if he convinces them that he’s actually turned a new leaf? We both know better than that. He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same person that kidnapped me and locked me in his basement ten years ago.” She sobbed into her hands. “Baby, listen.” Ethan cupped her cheeks and made her look into his eyes. “He’s never going to hurt you again. I’ll make damn sure of it.” With that being said, Mollie finally agreed that she had to be there. She had to make sure Evan never got out.

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Mollie clutched Ethan’s hand later that evening while the board discussed Evan’s recent good behavior. She had a long speech prepared on the reasons why he was still a menace to the public. But to her surprise and relief, the board denied his early release immediately. As he was being led out the room by prison guards, Evan turned around rather abruptly and blew a kiss in her direction. “I’ll be seeing you real soon, my love!” He called out as he was dragged out of the courtroom.

Homecoming 2.7

*Mollie’s POV*

It wasn’t often that Ethan took Mollie out. Even though their baby was a few years old now, she was still apprehensive to leave him behind. She was struggling a lot with being out in the world, and the fame that came from the movie didn’t help much. Homecoming was the first movie she had ever been in, and it wasn’t even her dream to pursue an acting career. She went to the audition as a joke because she discovered that the main character had the same name as her. They had even spelled it the same. She could still remember how shocked they were to discover her name.

Needless to say, this entire life had literally fallen onto her without her desire for it. She accepted it with as much dignity and grace that she could, but it always got hard when people asked about the ‘Evan’ thing. Given her status and how popular the movie was becoming, it was hard to ignore it.

“Mollie?” Ethan questioned softly. When she looked up from her menu, he gave her a concerned stare. “You’ve been very quiet.”

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“I’m just thinking about how nice this is. I’m glad we finally got out.”

“I’m surprised to hear that from you. After the last couple of answers you gave me when I suggested a second honeymoon…”

“Oh Ethan,” she said with a shake of her head. “We don’t need another honeymoon. The first one was perfect!”

“Says you,” he said as he looked back at his menu. Mollie shook her head at him, but a strange tingle on the back of her neck had her scanning the other tables. She couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. It wasn’t the constant presence of paparazzi – that was a given. No, she sensed something else was staring at her. It made her jumpy and it was very obvious.

Ethan looked up at her again, one brow raised. She was shifting in her seat and breathing erratically. “Mol?” he asked gently.

“I need air,” she spat before getting to her feet. As soon as she whipped around, she came face to face with Matt. “Oh God!” she shrieked and stepped back to press a hand to the table.

“I’m sorry!” he said with a chuckle. “Didn’t mean to scare you, but I saw the two of you here and thought I’d say hi.”

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Mollie took a deep breath and glanced around again, but she couldn’t see anyone she knew. The faces were all a blur. She turned back to Matt and smiled slightly. “I guess it was just him,” she thought as Matt went off into a tangent. He somehow managed to shift the conversation immediately over to his new play. He went on and on about it, then he asked them if they were interested. Mollie tried to decline, but Matt was very insistent. She gave in to it quite easily and eventually relaxed. It was all very calm until Matt brought up Evan.

“I heard he’s having a parole hearing this weekend. They say he’s been doing better. Maybe there’s hope for him after all.”

Mollie picked up her glass of champagne and dawned it. “I doubt it.”


“I played a very convincing psycho.”

“I don’t-

“Matt,” she interrupted him. “Real or not, I know there’s no changing the mind of a lunatic.”

Homecoming 2.6

*Ethan’s POV*

Ethan sipped his coffee and glanced out the kitchen window. It was a beautiful morning in Brindleton Bay. Moving there ten years ago with Mollie was probably the best decision he’d ever made. He turned around and watched as his lovely wife fed their son breakfast. He sauntered over to her and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m going to try to get some writing done…do you have this under control?” He teased her with a smirk.

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“Of course, silly.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Calvin is such a good boy. Aren’t you?” She pinched his chubby cheek playfully, causing him to shriek with glee. “Okay.” Ethan chuckled and kissed the top of the baby’s head. “Be good for Mama, Cal.”

The day dwindled to evening while Ethan typed away furiously on his keyboard. With Mollie’s approval, he was writing her story and the unfortunate events that happened with Evan. At least it had a happy ending. He looked up at a photograph of his family on his desk and smiled. He then checked his watch and saw the time.

“Mol, are you almost ready? We have dinner reservations at 7.” He called out as he strode from his study to their bedroom. Mollie was standing in front of the mirror in a tight black dress. “Do I look okay?” She asked unsurely. “Absolutely ravishing. Are you on the menu tonight? Because you look like dessert to me.” He grinned. “Why did I marry you?” She rolled her eyes and laughed. “Because you love my lame jokes almost as much as you love me.” His face became more serious then. “I can’t believe it’s been five years. I’m such a lucky man.”

“Yes, you really are.” Mollie’s eyes twinkled, then Mollie kissed him on the lips with such need that Ethan thought they may have to cancel dinner plans. But before the kiss could go any further, the doorbell rang.”That’s the babysitter. We’ll have to continue this later.” She breathed into his ear. Ethan groaned and changed into a nicer shirt while Mollie answered the door.

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He found everyone in the living room a few moments later. “It’s good to see you, Sasha.” He smiled warmly at the teenager who held his son on her hip. “You too, Mr. Miller. Have fun on your date tonight, and Happy Anniversary to you both.”

Homecoming 2.5

*Mollie’s POV*

It took a lot of willpower to remain calm in Ethan’s strong embrace, but she was able to reign back the tears. That was one thing she had in common with her character – she wasn’t a crybaby.

“I won’t be separated from her!” shouted a familiar voice from the back where the criminals were processed. Mollie turned her gaze toward the commotion and saw Evan struggling to break free from two officers. His eyes were wild and directed at her. “Mollie, we will be together! I swear it!”

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She began shaking as she turned away and pressed her face into Evan’s chest. “Shh, it’s okay,” Ethan soothed her while running his fingers through her hair. ” He can’t touch you.”

The words seemed to roll right off her, though. She fell to her knees and dragged Ethan with her, then she burst into tears. She never thought Evan was fucked up like that. She trusted him and talked to him daily on set. Yes, he was strange, but she never once thought he was crazy. How could she ever sleep knowing he was thinking of her while touching himself? It was the very words he said while he held her captive. She couldn’t even begin to explain the whole thing to Ethan and frankly, she didn’t want to. She wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out again.

Eventually Ethan managed to carry her out of the police station. Neither spoke a word; not even when they were finally safely back in their apartment. Mollie just stared blankly forward as she sat down on the couch. She didn’t know where to start because she didn’t want to. Ethan just watched her from afar. He soon left her alone on the couch to prepare something to eat. Mollie just kept staring forward at the wall, completely lost and broken inside.

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“I’m sorry,” she whispered as she leaned forward and pressed her hands into her face. “It’ll never be the same again.”

“It will,” Ethan said as he came to sit next to her. “It’s going to be okay, babe.”

“I don’t want to live here anymore.”

Ethan nodded slowly. “Okay. We’ll start looking tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” she said in a meek voice before falling into his arms.

Homecoming 2.4

*Ethan’s POV*

Ethan awoke the next morning alone. He yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before groggily standing up. “Mol, are you in the mood for some eggs and bacon?” He called to the bathroom where he assumed she was. He was met by silence. The bathroom was empty, and so was the rest of the house. Pinned to the refrigerator was a note written in an unfamiliar hand. “Ethan, I’ve left you because I’m in love with someone else. Don’t come look for me. -Mollie”

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The handwriting was crude and hard to read. Ethan knew right away that it wasn’t Mollie’s. Then he remembered something. He bound up the stairs two at a time until he reached the bedroom. His heart was pounding as he searched Mollie’s coat for the note she’d received on the set the day before. It was written by the same person. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath. He’d told Mollie it was only a prank. He’d been so sure of it. He swallowed his guilt and grabbed his cell from the nightstand. His fingers trembled as he typed in 911. “I’m calling to report a missing person.” He breathed into the phone in his hand as calmly as he could. “Could you please send someone out here?” He asked, then recited his address to the dispatcher.

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Once the police arrived, Ethan answered all of their questions the best He could…no matter how disturbing they were. He was their only suspect for the time being. Then Ethan told them about Evan and how creepy he always was towards Mollie behind the scenes. They offered to go by Evan’s house and talk to him about his whereabouts. “We’ll give you a call if we find anything.” The officers shook his hand and left.

A little while later, the phone rang. “Mr. Miller, I have good news…we found her. We’re taking her back to the precinct now.” Ethan fell to his knees and clutched his chest in relief. “Thank you.” He whispered. “I’m on my way.”

Mollie rushed into his arms as soon as he entered the police station. “Oh Mol, I’m so glad you’re okay.” He gripped her tightly. “It was awful, Ethan. He took me to his basement and tied me to a chair. Who knows what would’ve happened if the police hadn’t arrived when they did. I thought I was never going to see you again.” She sobbed into his shoulder. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head.” Ethan kissed her lips gently. “He’s going to jail and you’ll never have to see him again.” He promised her.

Homecoming 2.3

*Mollie’s POV*

Their evening was cut short, and Mollie hated herself for it once they were snuggled under the covers. Her mind wouldn’t stop playing the words over and over again. She hated feeling so obsessed, especially when Ethan had planned a wonderful night for just the two of them. He didn’t make much of a fuss about it, though. He quietly cleaned up the bathroom after her bath, then prepared for bed with her once he was done.

Sleep wouldn’t come to her, but she could hear Ethan softly breathing next to her while he slept. She closed her eyes and tried to will herself to fall asleep multiple times. It wasn’t long before the clock at their bedside read two in the morning. She gave up at that point, then pulled out her phone to lose herself in the mind numbing newsfeed of Facebook and Twitter.

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While she was reading a post that Matt had posted on his wall, a strange noise made her jolt upright in bed. She wasn’t sure what it was, but her first instinct was to get up and follow it instead of waking Ethan. She didn’t really think about it. You could say her mind was still in the movie. Mollie the psycho didn’t need anyone. She could take care of herself.

With gentle feet, she maneuvered her way into the living room. Her eyes frantically scanned around, but all she could see was darkness. She squinted in hopes that her eyes would adjust, but something being knocked over made her turn swiftly to stare at the other side of the room. Her eyes were wide with fear, and her voice was caught in her throat. She didn’t even make a sound when a hand suddenly clamped around her mouth with a piece of cloth.

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She inhaled the disgusting scent without thinking. It wasn’t long before her eyes were drooping and her body fell back into the person that was knocking her out. The last thing she heard before passing out was, “you’re mine now.”

Homecoming 2.2

*Ethan’s POV*

Once back at their shared apartment, Ethan tried to say whatever he could to keep Mollie calm, but she wasn’t having any of it. She collapsed on the bed and began sobbing. “It had to be a prank, Mol. There’s no sense in losing your head over it.” He cooed into her ear as he stroked her hair.

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“Who would do such a thing though?” She wailed loudly and rubbed her eyes, smearing her mascara. “An idiot. I’m sure it was harmless.” She nodded her head and laid against Ethan’s chest, finally happy with his answer. She was so different from the person she portrayed on the big screen. That Mollie was cool and confident, but the real Mollie…she was a hot mess. But Ethan had loved her as soon as his eyes fell on her that first day on the set. There was no going back now.

“How about a warm bath?” He mentioned as he stood. “That’ll make you feel better, right? I’ll also call in takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant. We can eat in bed and watch old movies.”

She gave him a tired but appreciative smile. “That sounds wonderful, baby.”

“Thank you.” She muttered quietly as she slipped out of her clothes and headed to the bathroom.

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Once he heard the water running, Ethan went to his dresser and pulled out the small black box he’d had hidden from Mollie for the past three months. Tonight was supposed to be a celebration. The movie was finally finished, and he was planning to ask her to marry him over a romantic dinner. He put the ring back under his socks and sighed. Maybe tomorrow would be better.

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