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BOM 50


Grimwood Manor was reduced to rubble overnight. The next day, I hired a construction company to bulldoze anything that remained. Finally, there was nothing left to do but rebuild.

Many months later, on a cool evening in Spring…the house was finally finished. As we stood in the doorway waiting for our furniture to be delivered, I told Patience that our new house deserved a name. She smiled up at me in response. “How about…Stonehurst Estate?” I asked. She nodded her head and clapped her hands in agreement. “Well that’s settled then.” I said with a laugh. “Welcome to Stonehurst Estate…our home.”

The End


BOM 49


When there was nothing but ash left in the fire pit, I turned around to go back in. Suddenly the lights flickered and then the whole place went dark. I could see Vera standing in the doorway…blocking my entrance inside. She greeted me with a knowing smile. My chest tightened in fear. My plan had not worked. I ran around to the front of the house and peeked in Patience’s window. It was too dark to see anything. I picked up a rock and broke the glass then pulled myself through it. Patience was sitting up in bed, startled. “It’s okay, baby. Let’s go outside okay?” I said soothingly while I picked her up. Once we were back outside, I knew what I had to do. “I’ll be right back, I promise! Don’t move!” I told Patience before going back through the window again. I ran to the liquor cabinet and started dumping it on all the furniture, all over the curtains, and near the hot water heater. I made a trail all the way back to the broken window then I jumped back out of it. I pulled a box of matches from my pocket then I lit one and threw it into the open window.

We stood there and watched as our house was engulfed in flames. The screams from inside the manor were otherworldly…guess Vera wasn’t too happy. I badly wanted to pick up Patience and just run away. But I had to stay. I had to be sure the house burned to the ground. I looked up and noticed someone standing on the balcony…I clenched my fists tightly. But then I realized it wasn’t Vera…it was a man. And it’d been years since I’d seen him but I knew him. He waved at us before fading away. He’d been here all along…protecting us. I sighed sadly and felt tears stinging my eyes. “Goodbye, Robert.” I whispered.

BOM 48


It was the night after Dorian left and I’d forgotten to the check the mail that day. I was next to the mailbox by Patience’s bedroom window when I looked inside. Vera was sitting at the foot of Patience’s bed with a devious grin on her face. I stood frozen in horror as she stood to tuck Patience in and then kissed her on the cheek. She turned to wink at me before evaporating into thin air. I ran in to make sure Patience was okay before grabbing a flashlight and a shovel then I made my way out to the backyard. I sunk to my knees in front of Vera’s tombstone. “Don’t make me do this, Vera. Just leave us in peace tonight…we’ll leave tomorrow morning and never come back.” I whispered. To my surprise, the stone glowed in response. “Who am I kidding? You’ll never leave us alone.” I spat out angrily. Then I stood up and began digging. Lucky for me…it was a shallow grave. I gathered her bones and threw them into the fire pit on the patio. Then I watched them burn with a satisfied smile on my face…

BOM 47


The dark weeks that followed Norman’s death would have been unbearable if Dorian hadn’t been around. But even that too, came to an end. He sat me down and gave me the bad news. “I’m sorry, Char, but I can’t stay here anymore. I feel like the shadows are going to reach out at anytime to kill me.” I frowned and said,”But you gave me your word that you’d stay here and protect us, Dorian! What am I going to do without you?” He covered his face with his hands and moaned. “That was before I knew what I was up against. I feel like a coward now. I can’t fight the supernatural, Char. And neither can you. It isn’t safe here for you and Patience. Promise me you’ll move. And never return. Promise it, Char.” I nodded my head in agreement. I knew he was right. We had to leave. All of us. “I’m going to miss you dearly, Dorian. Where will you go?” I asked while walking him to his car. “Think I’ll travel the world a bit…and see what’s out there. I’ll be in touch. Be safe, Char.” He told me as he hugged me goodbye. “I will.” I whispered as he walked away.

BOM 46


After Dorian came to terms with the fact that Vera was indeed very real, he promised that’d he’d never leave me alone in the manor again. Later that night, we heard the doorbell ring. To my surprise, I found Norman standing in the yard. “Norman, what are you doing here?” I asked. “No matter how many times you try to push me away, I won’t budge. I love you. And I know you feel for me the same way I feel for you.” He announced loudly while dropping to one knee. “Marry me, Charity.” He said, pulling a ring out of his pocket. My chest ached because I badly wanted to say yes. “I can’t. I’m sorry.” He looked crushed. I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. “Just make me forget everything for a while.”

Afterwards, he cuddled me close to his chest. “I’m so glad you called me.” He whispered sleepily into my ear. “What? But…I didn’t call you, Norman.” I said moving to look up at him. He was already fast asleep. I shrugged and snuggled down under the covers.

I was later awoken by a loud thump upstairs. I sat up in bed and noticed that Norman was missing. Suddenly there was a loud scream from outside. I ran out the front door and found Dorian in the yard…not far from him was Norman’s crumpled body. I gasped in shock. “Don’t get any closer, Char. He’s dead.” Dorian warned me. “I think he fell from the balcony.” But I knew better. He was pushed…

BOM 45


A few days later, Dorian was returning from job hunting when he heard singing from the balcony. He looked up and saw a woman he didn’t recognize. “Hey, are you okay up there?” He called up to her. She grinned and said, “Perfectly fine.” And within a blink of an eye she was right in front of him. “How did you…that’s not possible.” Dorian stuttered in shock. She laid her hand on his cheek and gazed at him. “Aren’t you a handsome one?” Then she sighed and said, “Times like these make me wish I was still alive.” Then he remembered everything I’d told him. “Al-alive? Does that mean you’re dead?” Her smile grew bigger. “You’re Vera, aren’t you?” Dorian whimpered. Vera winked at him and disappeared once more.

“Charity! Where are you? Char!” I was still in bed but heard him calling urgently from the kitchen. “What in the world is going on?” I asked sleepily. He grabbed me by the hands and said, “I’m so sorry for ever doubting you Char. I saw her!” I wiped the sleep from my eyes. “What are you talking about? Who did you see?” He ran his hands wildly through his hair. “Vera.” He whispered. My mouth dropped open and I quickly covered it with my hand. “She’s real.”

BOM 44


Early the next morning at work, I called Norman down to my office. “I have a bit of bad news, Norman…I just wanted you to hear it from me first. I’ve decided to sell the company. Next week, all of the employees here will be let go.” I paused for a moment letting it sink in for him. “I understand. Thank you for the heads up.” He said solemnly. I nodded my head before continuing, “And…there’s something else. I don’t think we should see each other anymore. I do believe I’ll be moving soon and I’m just not looking a long term relationship right now. I know this is all upsetting news and it wouldn’t surprise me if you never wanted to speak to me again.” I said while looking down at my desk. “I don’t care about this job. I can easily find another one. I care about you, Char. I’m in love with you.” He exclaimed. My stomach fluttered but I remained calm. “Well, I’m sorry.” I said flatly. “But I don’t feel the same way. And I think it’s best if you leave now.” I could see the anguish on his face as he stood from his chair. I hung my head in shame. Long after he’d left the room, I still sat there…staring at the wall and thinking of what I’d done. But it was the only thing I could do to keep him safe…