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RTN 30


“The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning”

We spent the day together, drinking in all the things the city had to offer. We stopped for lunch late that afternoon and while I was finishing my food, I noticed how fidgety Amy was acting. “Everything okay babe?” She gave me a sheepish smile and said, “Of course.” After we threw away our trash, we walked around some more…until Amy came to a dead stop. And right there in a crowded street, she got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of her pocket. “Will you be mine…forever?” She asked with her eyes full of hope. “Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” I said while jumping up and down. Then she slid the small gold ring over my finger and I gazed at it lovingly. I pulled her in close for a tender kiss. I felt so lucky. I had a good job, a place to live, and someone who loved me unconditionally. What more could I ask for? Amy grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a sidewalk musician with a smile on her face. I giggled and let her lead the way. I looked up towards our apartment building and for just a second I could’ve sworn I saw someone standing in the window. I strained my eyes to see better but nothing was there. It looked like…no. It couldn’t be. That would just be crazy. I wrapped my arm around Amy’s waist and listened to the guitarist sing and thought about how great I felt. In the beginning, you never would’ve guessed it…but my life became pretty damn perfect in the end.

The End.


RTN 29


“The Visit”

Not long after we were settled into our new lives…I caved and called my mom. I had to let her know that I was okay. Even if she wasn’t really worried, I knew that Lizzie was. Mom didn’t seem to know about any of the events that took place a few months ago and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her. So instead, I invited her and Lizzie to come spend the weekend with us. They showed up early Saturday morning and we spent the day showing them around the city and making them try all the different food. There was even a festival going on. It was a great. As I was tucking Lizzie in that night, she snuggled up next to me and told me how much she’d missed me. “I missed you too pumpkin.” I said while giving her a tight squeeze. “The city is awesome! Do you think I can I come live with you and Amy one day?” She asked excitedly. “Well sure. We’d love to have you here! But we’ll talk about it some more when you get older, okay?” She nodded her head and let out a big yawn. After she was fast asleep, I crawled into the bed with Amy and laid my head on her shoulder. She cleared her throat and said, “Lizzie is a lot of fun. I’m glad she got to come spend the day with us.” I looked up at her and smiled. “Me too. I really missed her.” Amy nodded and nervously asked, “So Cass…do you think you might want to have kids one day? With me…I mean.” I sat up straight causing her to startle. “Of course!” I shouted maybe a little to eagerly. “But maybe we should get married first.” I said coyly. “Maybe we should.” Amy replied with a wink.

RTN 28


“Between The Lines”

Time went on and we grew comfortable in our new lives. Amy encouraged me to take a painting class and turned out that it was something I enjoyed. I sat through hours on end listening to her play the guitar even though she was really bad at it. But she got better. Life was going great. We were beginning to feel like normal people. Our past began to haunt us and less and less. And no one come to look for us. Not that they’d find us anyways. We took new last names and even found a guy in the shady part of the city that made us new legal documents. We were now Amelia Lewis and Cassandra Clark. We were survivors. And after everything we’d been through, we grew even closer. And eventually our friendship turned into something else…

RTN 27


“All In a Day’s Work”

The city was such a big place and there were lots of job openings all over. It was nice to have so many choices. Especially compared to a dead end town like Tuckerwood. But we wanted to find something closer to home…neither of us wanted to commute. In the newspaper there was an ad for a karaoke club that was hiring and it was only a few blocks away from our apartment. We both went in for interviews on the same exact day and lucky for us…we both came out with jobs! Amy was hired on as a hostess and I was hired to be the bartender. It felt good to get out there and make some money.

RTN 26


“Something Old, Something New”

A few days later, we lucked up and found a dirt cheap apartment to rent. It was a dump but it was better than sleeping on park benches. It took us nearly a week to get some furniture into it. Luckily there were some really good prices at the flea market near the docks. And eventually our dump turned into a sparsely furnished home…

RTN 25


“There’s No Place Like Home”

We stayed a few more days in the town of Windenburg. We took in the sights during the day and slept in the park at night. Eventually I grew tired of it and I told Amy I was ready to move on. We stowed aboard another boat, this one was heading to the city of San Myshuno…which sounded pretty promising to me. We arrived at the docks late at night but that was when the city is most alive. We ran into some tourists and they directed us to a small park where we grabbed a bite to eat. After resting for a while, we walked around trying to find a place to sleep. We got lost a few times and we ended up in what was considered the “Fashion District.” It was here that we would find our new home…

RTN 24


“Stand By Me”

We ended up in a small town named Magnolia Promenade. There wasn’t much to it but at least it wasn’t the desert. We bought a map in one of the stores and learned that there was a dock on the outskirts of town. We snuck aboard and hid below deck for what seemed like a whole day. We had no idea where the boat was going but we agreed the further away from Tuckerwood, the better. So we waited patiently, sleeping in shifts, and eventually the boat stopped. Amy left to make sure the coast was clear, then we snuck back off the boat. We were now on another dock but the scenery was much different. It was a beautiful place called Windenburg. “Wow. Maybe we should just stay here.” I told Amy with a grin. She nodded and said.”We could. If that’s what you wanted.” We sat down on a bench together and counted up all the money we had between us. Nearly $300. Not good but it could’ve been worse. “We probably could afford a crappy apartment somewhere. For a month at least. First thing we need to do is find jobs.” Amy said with a sigh. “We can do it. We’re in this together.” I told her confidently. A small smile formed on her lips and she said, “Yeah. True. If this is where you really want to stay, then we’ll do it. It’s not the city, but it sure is nice around here.” We found a small clearing near the woods and that night we slept under the stars…dreaming of the future to come.