OBU 20

Nearly had month had passed since my transformation and I was finally beginning to adapt to my new surroundings…on the bottom of the ocean floor.


Learning how to swim with a tail proved to be difficult for me at first…trying to navigate was truly a pain. I can’t even count on one hand how many times I ended up tangled up in clumps of seaweed. But at least I had Marina there to help me through it all. And lucky for me, my wife had the patience of a saint. While we’re collecting kelp for our dinner, I glance over at her and my heart swells. I’m a  very lucky guy, indeed. I reach out and tuck a strand of her bright red hair behind her ear, causing her to smile bashfully at me. I grin back at her and let out a sigh of content. I seem to fall more and more for her every single day that we’re together…if that’s even remotely possible.


She swims ahead of me then and leaves me to my thoughts. I’m remembering what my life was like a year and a half ago…back when I had nothing. My parents had disowned me. I was broke, jobless, and about to be evicted from my apartment. It was a rough time for a young guy trying to make a life for himself in a dead-end town. But those days are far behind me now and I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a beautiful wife. A family. A home. A sense of belonging.


I swim to catch back up with Marina and as I wrap my hand around hers and squeeze her fingers gently, I’m hit with an epiphany…I realize that when you love someone so much that you’d give up the very air that you breathe to be with them…then there’s really nothing that can keep you apart.

Not even an ocean.

The End.


OBU 19

Unfortunately, Marina’s week on the island came to an end far too soon. We were whispering our goodbyes and making promises for our future when we realized the sound of splashing was coming closer and closer to us…


We stared out at the water as the last rays from the sun faded from the sky and night fell. “It’s them, isn’t it? Your family?” I asked Marina as a group of mermaids swam nearly all the way to us. “It is.” She mumbled quietly. She looked worried.


“This is Chelsea, my mother. Loch, my father. And Seela, my grandmother.” She nodded towards each of them. Chelsea waved at us in an awkward manner. Then Seela spoke. “We came because I had a vision. Has something happened that you would like to tell us about?” The way she narrowed her eyes at us was almost as if she was daring us to lie. “Well…if you all must know…I got married!” Marina blurted out. “And…” She interrupted her parents’ opposing cries. “I want to stay here on the island with Adrian. As a human. If it’s possible, that is.” She then turned and faced Seela. “You are a great and powerful sea witch…is there any way you could make it happen?” She pleaded. “Seela…don’t!” Chelsea shouted as she moved as close to us as she could. “Would you really leave everything behind, Marina? The people you love? Your family? Your friends? The sea that you grew up in?” Without hesitation, Marina answered her firmly. “Yes.” I could see the hurt on all of their faces and I hated to be the cause of it. Then Seela held her hand out to Marina. “Very well. I shall do this one last spell but remember…it will be permanent.”


“Wait!” I put my hands up to stop them. “I can’t let you do it.” Marina was bewildered. “Why, Adrian?” Her bottom lip trembled. “Because you have a family who adores you and would do anything to make you happy. That’s something I’ve wanted my whole life…and I can’t ask you to just give them up like this. I, however, am leaving nothing behind. So maybe instead…I could go back with you?” I looked to Seela for an answer.

“Come into the water with me.” She beckoned. Once we stood face to face, she lifted her hands and rubbed her temples as she began to recite an incantation of sorts. Suddenly a bolt of lightning came crashing down from the sky, finding my legs as it’s target. Through the pain it caused, I felt my body transform…

OBU 18

We got dressed in our formal clothes then Adrian rushed me out of the door. We then met Harley in front of the island resort. He had a smug smile on his face as he told us how he managed to talk the resort owners into letting us borrow the common room for the next hour. “But what do we need it for?” I asked with a puzzled expression. The guys looked at each other and chuckled. They clearly knew something I didn’t…


Harley beckoned for us to follow him to a large building on the other side of the grounds. He then opened up the two large doors and led us inside. A small gasp escaped my lips as I looked around. It was decorated for a wedding. “Oh Adrian.” I whispered breathlessly. “It’s beautiful.” Adrian took my hand at the altar and cleared his throat. “Even though I haven’t known you long, I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. And I know that I want to be with you until the end of my days. Would you do me the honor of accepting me as your husband?” He grinned at me. “I will!” I shouted happily. Moments later, we were married.


After our quick ceremony, Harley handed Adrian a small box before leaving us. Inside was a key to the master suite upstairs. I blushed a deep red when I understood the intent. Adrian then lifted me in his arms and carried me all the way to our bedroom. Once there, he laid me on the bed and kissed me in a way that lit my entire body on fire…


The next morning I woke up in his arms and it was the most wonderful feeling. “Last night was absolutely amazing.” I mumbled to him sleepily. “But now I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.” He pulled me closer and kissed me on the forehead. Then he whispered, “Hmm…well I’ve got an idea then. How about we just stay in bed all day?”

OBU 17

We talked all through the night and late into the next morning. Adrian hung on every word I spoke of about my life in the ocean. He was curious about my family and wondered whether they would like him or not if they had the chance to ever meet. I had an inkling that my grandmother would but my parents were a different story.


“You should rest.” I told him when I noticed his eyes growing heavy. “We still have two more days together before I have to go back.” He yawned and stretched out then shook his head. “No, I’ll be fine. Plus there’s no way I can sleep now.” He smiled sleepily at me. “We have to make every moment count. Then his smile vanished and an expression of worry took it’s place.


“How exactly are we going to make this work?” He groaned into his hands. “I’ll only get to see you one week a year? That’s going to be a hell of a challenge.” He admitted. “Is there anything…like a spell or potion…that could keep you here longer?” He asked hopefully. “Not that I know of.” I sighed heavily. “But I’ll keep coming back every year…for as long as you want me to.” I offered.


“I’ll always want you to, Marina. It’s just that I always thought long distance relationships were such a drag. But this…this is something else.” He teased to lighten the mood. “You’re worth the wait though.” He murmured warmly as he leaned over to kiss me. After the kiss, I laid my head on his shoulder and gazed up at him while he caressed my cheek tenderly. His lower lip was sticking out in an adorable pout…then suddenly his eyes lit up. “I have an idea!” He told me excitedly. “But you’re going to need a dress.”

OBU 16

Marina suggested we go back to the beach that evening. She told me that there was something very important she had to show me…


“All that I ask is that you don’t run away.” She warned me. I took her by the hands and tried to comfort her. “I’m not going anywhere, I swear.” I promised her. “But what are you so worried about? She bit down on her lip nervously. “Just wait…you’ll see.” She let go of my hands and pulled her dress off over her head. I felt my cheeks turn a bright red when I realized I was gaping at her. “Sorry. I don’t mean to stare.” I mumbled and averted my eyes. “It’s okay.” She smiled at me sweetly over her shoulder as she waded out into the ocean.


Further and further she swam, way out past the breakers. The water had to be very deep where she was and all I could do was hope that she was a good swimmer. Then she dove under and didn’t come up for so long it sent me into a panic. “Marina! Are you okay out there?” I shouted in alarm as I paced the shoreline. Suddenly Marina jumped out of water in a manner much like a dolphin…then I noticed the tail. A tail that matched the color of her eyes which were focused on me now. I stared back at her in awe.


“Are you frightened of me now?” She called out to me where I stood. “No. Not one bit.” And to prove my point, I began to swim out to her. She met me halfway and gave me a pained look. “I should’ve told you last year.” She said with a heavy sigh. I chuckled and shook my head. “Well to be honest…I probably wouldn’t have believed you at the time…not without seeing for myself.” I admitted. “It’s beginning to get late now. Can we go back to your place and talk?” She asked me with raised brows. “Sure. Then you can tell me about how cool it is to live underwater. I want to know everything.”

OBU 15

The next day we found Vanessa hanging out by the pool at the island’s largest resort. She stood when she saw us and rolled her eyes. “Oh great, it’s the two of you.”


“Why are you still here? You need to go home, Vanessa. You aren’t wanted here.” Marina told her coldly. “Well that’s too bad. I’m tired of you thinking everyone will do whatever you wish. You’re no princess. And I don’t have to do what you tell me.” Vanessa stuck out her tongue immaturely. “Anyways…I still have a week left…if you know what I mean.” She gestured to her legs and winked. I looked at Marina in confusion and she mouthed “later” to me.


“You were my only friend. We grew up together for ocean’s sake! How could you betray me like this?” Marina cried out. “I don’t see what the big deal is! He’s a human!” Vanessa shouted in frustration. “It’s not like you can take him back home with us.” I twiddled my thumbs and stared at the ground. This conversation had taken a weird turn. “I’m in love with him.” Marina admitted. “And I’m going to tell him everything. He’ll understand.” I looked up and smiled at her. “Is that true, Adrian? Would you still feel the same for her even if she wasn’t like…you?” She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she looked me up and down. “Of course. And by the way, you didn’t seem to have a problem with me as of two days ago.” I reminded her. “Oh please. You were merely a plaything to pass the time while I was here.” She spat at me.


“Look, I don’t know what you did to me. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it…it’s just too odd. But I know you did something to make me have feelings for you.  You took away my choice in the matter. Who does that?” She began to speak but I put my hands up to stop her. “I don’t want to hear it. We don’t care what your excuses are. Just get lost, Vanessa.” I held my hand out to Marina and we left without another word.



OBU 14

The next night I found Marina waiting for me at our special spot on the beach.


She knew I was there but didn’t bother turning around. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” She asked in a whisper as she stared at the setting sun. “It is.” I agreed and stood there next to her in silence. Finally she turned to me. “I’m sorry…for everything.” She told me sadly.


“No. I’m the one who’s sorry. I should’ve waited for you but honestly Marina, I thought my chances of seeing you ever again were slim to nothing.” I told her. “And about Vanessa…I don’t know what came over me. It all happened so fast and it was crazy really. And today…I feel nothing for her.” I scratched my head. “It’s kinda weird. I don’t know how else to explain it.” I admitted with a shrug. “Maybe because you were acting against your own wishes. You weren’t yourself.” She said matter-of-factly. I lifted a skeptical brow. “What? You mean like a spell? As in witchcraft?” I chuckled. “You don’t really believe in that kind of stuff, do you?” Her solemn expression told me everything. “You’d be surprised.” I let that sink in for a moment. “I suppose it would explain some things.” I admitted. “But what about you? Are you a witch too?”


“No.” She shook her head. “And everything you felt for me was very real. I promise.” I pulled her into my arms and kissed her gently as I lifted her up high. Being with Marina made me feel complete. “I believe that.” I told her breathlessly as I eased her back to the ground. She took my hands in hers. “We really need to talk, Adrian.” I nodded my head in agreement. “Yeah, okay. I’ve got all the time in the world for you babe.”

She smiled happily at me before her expression changed to one of sheer determination. “There’s a lot I have to tell you but it’ll have to wait. There’s a score I need to settle first.”

OBU 13

Later that night I took Vanessa out for dinner and a bit of dancing. Harley tagged along with us and he didn’t seem to mind being the third wheel. “I guess not everyone could be as lucky as I am.” I thought to myself as I gazed happily at Vanessa as we swayed back and forth to a song playing in the bar.


“Adrian?” I heard a soft voice call out to me over the music. “Hmm?” I glanced over and met Marina’s emerald colored eyes. I pulled away from Vanessa and stared in awe. “Marina? But I never thought I’d see you again.” I choked out awkwardly. She grinned at me and began walking closer to me. “I promised you that I would return. And I always keep my word.” She teased. Then she stopped suddenly when she noticed the girl at my side.


“Vanessa?” Marina’s jaw dropped. “What are you doing here? And how?” She wrinkled her forehead in confusion. “Wait…you two know each other?” I asked. But neither of the girls were paying attention to me anymore. Vanessa had dark scowl on her face. “I knew you were going to leave me behind again!” She told Marina in accusatory tone. “So I took my own measures. Nothing for you to worry about.” She snapped. “But why him?” Marina gestured in my direction, her cheeks were pink with anger. “You release him this very second!” She demanded.


“Oh fine, Marina. You always have to have things your way.” Vanessa spat as she jerked my hand towards her and in a quick motion, she pricked my finger with her ring. As a drop of my blood fell and mixed with the sand, I suddenly had a raging migraine. “What just happened?” I rubbed my temples and looked at Marina for answers. “Nothing is what it seems to be.” She shook her head sadly then took off running. “Marina! Wait!” I shouted after her but within moments she was dot on the shoreline.

Harley came to stand next to me and laid his arm across my shoulder. “Women.” He shook his head and chuckled. “They’ll be the death of us all.”


OBU 12

Thinking back on the day that I met Vanessa…I’ve come to believe that it wasn’t an accident. Maybe people are put in our paths for a reason. Maybe it was fate…


It was about three weeks ago…and all of the tourist attractions were opening up for business once again but Suvadiva wasn’t exactly back into full swing yet. It was pretty quiet and there wasn’t much for two bored guys to get into. Harley suggested that we go see what was happening at the beach. When we got there, we made ourselves comfortable in a couple of loungers then we sat back and watched the waves roll in. We were talking about what our plans were for Spring Break when a shadow fell over us. I looked up and met her eyes…and I was instantly captivated.


I gaped at her as she she swung her hips back and forth to the tune that she was humming. “Adrian…you okay dude?” I could hear Harley asking me but I just couldn’t shake off the trance-like feeling that I had. “Ah…I see. Hula girls…there’s nothing quite like them.” He chuckled and watched the girl with an appreciative smile. “Maybe you should close your mouth though…before a bug flies in.” He teased. I snapped my jaw shut, my teeth knocking together loudly. The girl focused her warm eyes on me once more and gave me a sly smile. She knew exactly what kind of an effect she was having on me.


After the dance was over, I didn’t even introduce myself. I stood and then marched straight to her, tangled my fingers in her hair, and kissed her wildly and with abandon. It was if I no longer had control over myself. Harley clapped behind us. “Way to go, Adrian!” But I ignored him…all I could think of was the girl in my arms. I felt as if I’d been stranded in the desert for weeks without water and her kiss was the only thing that was going to save me. “You’re everything that I thought you would be.” She whispered softly upon my lips. “Everything and more.”

And ever since that fateful day, I’ve spent every waking moment by her side…


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