Camp Dread (Part 5)

With my back still against the bed, I fumbled my hand around underneath it looking for something to defend myself with. My fingers closed around exactly what I needed…a large hunting knife. “What do you want from me?” I called to Buttons with false bravado.


“Revenge. Justice. Your death. I want it all.” She smiled creepily. “I will make you pay.” She moved towards me with outstretched hands. “You won’t make me do anything!” I plunged the blade into her stomach. Buttons blinked rapidly. She seemed surprised…like she couldn’t believe that I’d stabbed her. “Lucy?” She croaked and looked down at the knife embedded into her gut. “It hurts.” She moaned as she collapsed to the floor.


How had it been so simple for me to take out someone who was already dead? I thought to myself as I called the police. While I waited for help to arrive, I rubbed my shoulders for warmth. Then I noticed that a pool of dark liquid had gathered at my feet. There was so much blood. “Are ghosts even supposed to bleed?” I asked out loud.


I heard of sharp intake of air behind me. “Lucy…what did you do?” Steven stared at me in horror. “You killed her?” He moaned. “But why?” I looked down at the body splayed out across the rug…Buttons was gone and in her place was Lindsay. “W-what? Nooo! It wasn’t her! I swear! It was Buttons.” I wailed.”You’ve got to be kidding me. Have you lost your mind? “He backed away from me in fear. “You have to believe me!” I pleaded. “No Lucy. I don’t.” He shook his head in disgust.


As an officer read me my rights and cuffed me, my mind raced. Was Lindsay possessed? Maybe she was already dead before Buttons took over or maybe she made a deal with something dark. I couldn’t quite figure it out. Not that it mattered though. No one was going to believe my crazy story anyways. I was going to go away for a long time. At least my mother would be happy about that. I knew one thing for sure though…Lindsay was definitely having the last laugh now. She got her revenge afterall.
Karma is a bitch.

The End.


Camp Dread (Part 4)

Early the next morning our campers arrived right on time but Lindsay was nowhere to be found. “I guess we’re in charge now.” Steven shrugged then went about assigning the kids to their bunks. “Aren’t you worried though? Maybe I should go look for her?” I volunteered as I followed him around. “Nah, I’m going to need your help here. There’s not much we can do if she doesn’t want to be found anyways.” Just when I was about lose my cool and tell him how worthless he was he turned to face me. “I’ll tell you what..if she doesn’t show up by tomorrow, we’ll call the forest ranger. Deal?” I nodded eagerly. Anything to put my guilty conscience to rest.


Later that evening, we gathered around the campfire and told the children scary tales. While Steven was telling the story of Buttons, I noticed a light shining out past the rocks…then it turned off. Then on again. “I see her light!” I jumped from my seat and pointed. “There’s nothing out there.” Steven narrowed his eyes at me. “But I know what I saw!” I insisted loudly. “Come on, Lucy.” Steven whispered to me.


“You’re scaring the kids.” I looked at their unsure faces and began to laugh nervously. “Just kidding guys! I didn’t see anything. Gotcha!” Steven clapped his hands. “Good one! Now it’s time for showers and bed, kiddos.” There was a collective groan as all of the kids stood and made their way to their cabins. “Morning will be here before you know it.” He looked my way with a reassuring smile.


I had a hard time falling asleep that night. Steven invited me back into the cabin that he and Lindsay shared and didn’t feel right sleeping in her bed. Not that I had a problem messing around in it but this was a bit different. “I have serious issues.” I grunted quietly and rolled over to get comfortable. That’s when I noticed the window was open…and there was a silhouette of a person outside of it. “Ah!” I jumped from the bed and turned on the lights. “Steven! Get up! There’s someone watching us!” I squealed. He came to stand next to me and glared out the window. “It’s you.” He whispered to the figure hoarsely. Whoever it was moved out the light. “I’m going after her. Stay here.” I gasped and shook my head. “Steven, no! Don’t leave me! Didn’t you see her eyes?!” I shouted. Steven gave me an odd look and grabbed a flashlight before heading out.


I sat in the floor and huddled up against the bed. He was definitely crazy to go out there…but why didn’t he seem afraid? Suddenly I heard the door creak open slowly. “Steven…is that you?” I whispered. Heavy footsteps pounded across the floor and stopped right next to me. My lip trembled as I looked up at her. “Buttons?”

Camp Dread (Part 3)

It was the day before the kids were supposed to show up and Steven and I were having a secret rendezvous when the door to the cabin was snatched open. “Steven, I’ve been looking everywhere for y-” Lindsay gasped and stood there with her mouth gaping. We jumped out of the bed and quickly got dressed while Lindsay’s eyes burned holes into us. “How could you two do this?” She screamed.


“Linds…it’s not what you think. Come on babe.” Steven tried to sweet talk her. “Then what is it? Is it the same thing that happened with that waitress last year?” She put her hands on her hips and frowned at him. “This was your last chance and you blew it! And you!’ She pointed her finger at me.


“I thought we were friends!” My face burned with guilt. “We are.” I mumbled weakly. “Oh bullshit.” She stomped her foot angrily. “You know what though? You saved me from making a huge mistake. I was going to consider having my lawyer draw up a contract and name you two as co-owners…if things went well this year.” We both stared at her in shock. “The three of us could’ve had a good thing here. But now those plans are ruined.” She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. “You’re going to pay for this.” She scowled at me then ran from the cabin.


“Wait, Lindsay! Don’t go!” I went after her but I lost her on the rocky trail to the beach. “Lucy, don’t try to climb down there!” Steven caught up to me. “You could’ve slipped and fell.” He laid a warm hand my shoulder. “Linds is really upset right now. Just give her some time to cool off and she’ll come back.” He seemed to have experience in the matter. “Then what?” I bit my lip. He shrugged. “Not sure. We’ll just have to see what happens.” We began walking back to camp when I heard a shrill noise in the distance.


“Did you hear that?” I whirled around. “Was that a scream?” Steven listened more closely then shook his head. “Nah, sounded like a seagull.” I hurried to the edge of the cliff again and looked down. “Shouldn’t we go down there? She could be hurt! She might need us.” Steven sighed heavily. “We’re the last thing she needs right now. Don’t worry, Lucy. Lindsay grew up around here, she knows the area well. She’ll be fine. Now come on.”

Camp Dread (Part 2)

Over the next few days I got to know Lindsay and Steven better. I guess you can say we bonded. At the very least it took my mind off of all chaos I’d caused at home. I wondered if my mother had finally kicked her no good boyfriend out or if she was going to keep him around now that I was out of the house. “So are you ready for some campfire fun? It’s the perfect setting for the tale of Buttons.” Steven’s voice interrupted me from my thoughts. “Buttons?” I repeated slowly. “Yeah, the kids love the story.” Lindsay rolled her eyes. “But if you ask the right person around here, they’ll swear it’s all true.” My curiosity was now piqued. “Okay. Let’s hear it then.” I told them good-naturedly.


“About thirty years ago there was a sailor named Bernadette. A big storm passed through these parts and she probably knew her boat was going to sink. This place was an inn back then. She signaled for help with her lantern but no one saw it. Moments later, she wrecked into rocks.” He pointed towards the cliff overlooking the ocean. “The boat was recovered but her body was never found. Now everyone thinks her ghost haunts the camp.” I gave him a skeptical look.


“Every now and then you can see a light flashing on and off out past the bluffs. I’ve seen it.” He was dead serious. “Right. But why is she called Buttons?” I asked. “Oh yeah. It was her nickname. She owned a dress shop in town. But our campers will tell you that it’s because she has buttons for eyes.” Steven laughed. “Huh. Is that so?” I smirked. “Creepy.”


Lindsay suddenly stood with a big grin on her face. “Come with me, Lucy. There’s something I want to show you.” She led me to the cliffs we were just talking about. “Nothing can beat that view, right?” I nodded in response. “Can’t let any of the kids out of your sight when they get here either.” She added. “Not a problem.” I looked over at Lindsay as she watched the waves crash against the rocks below. “So do you believe Buttons is real?” I asked with a smile. “No way. It’s just a story.” She moved closer and looped her arm through mine. I was taken aback by the kind gesture. I couldn’t remember the last time I let someone into my life. My mother would say it was because I was a homewrecker…but what does she know? “This summer is going to be great. Maybe you’ll like it here so much that you’ll come back every year?” Lindsay appeared hopeful. “Yeah…we’ll see.”


Even though I was really just beginning to like Lindsay…it was a shame that I liked Steven more.

Camp Dread (Part 1)

“Selfish…that’s what you are. You don’t care about anyone except yourself.” My mother said to me as she shoved me out her car. “Enjoy your summer, brat.” It wasn’t my fault her newest boyfriend preferred my bedroom over hers but I couldn’t actually tell her that…I was already on thin ice. She gave me a dark look then peeled down the gravel drive leading back to highway. “How dramatic.” I mumbled as I turned to eye the campsite behind me.

The place was deserted. “Hello!” I called out. “Anyone here?”


I heard a door slam and a moment later, a young couple approached me. “Hi! You must be Lucy! Welcome to Camp Dread!” The girl waved at me. “I know it sounds morbid but it was a family name. Although, the locals around these parts fondly call it Camp Dead.” She smiled mischievously. “Okay.” I raised a brow. “Why exactly do they call it that?”


“Oh, it’s just some silly ghost story but we’ll get to that later.” She winked at me. “Anyways, I’m Lindsay and this is Steven. We really are so glad you could join us this summer. We can always use an extra counselor but I think the name scares away most volunteers.” She rolled her eyes and laughed. Except I never volunteered…I was forced. According to my mother, it was either this or getting sent to live with my Aunt Sarah. Wasn’t too hard of a choice.


“Our campers won’t be here until next week so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and learn the ropes.” Lindsay gazed up happily at her boyfriend as she chattered away. “Great.” I told her flatly. “Now let’s go get you settled in. We’ll show you to your cabin then make supper. I’m sure you’re starving.” My stomach decided to growl loudly at that moment. “Yeah. I could eat.” I shrugged. “Awesome! Follow me!” She chirped. I sighed and trailed along behind her. Lindsay seemed rather nice but her cheerfulness was eventually going to get under my skin.


At dinner later that night, Lindsay blabbed on and on about the camp some more. I nodded while I pretended to listen to her. Then I noticed how Steven’s eyes lingered on me longer than they should have. I had a gut feeling that he was going to be trouble for me. But that was perfectly fine…I loved trouble.

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