Deceit 13


After changing into clean clothes, Jordan met Michael in her backyard once more. It was now a circus with the police combing the place and so far three bodies had been recovered. “I can’t believe this.” She moaned and covered her face. Michael put his arm around her to comfort her. “I never suspected a thing. How did you guess that my husband was behind this?” She asked him curiously. “His credit card was swiped in all of the places these girls were last seen. It was proof but not enough to charge him.” Michael cast a glance over his shoulder at the officers arguing behind them.

“Ignore them. They’re fighting over whether I should have to turn my badge in.” He smiled sheepishly. “Oh no. Why?” Jordan pretended to sound concerned. “For starters, I entered your house without a warrant. Then I drove around with a body in the back of my car instead of calling it in. But I had to get to you fast. I knew after he killed Alicia that you wouldn’t be far behind.” She forced tears to her eyes. “So you used me…as bait?”  He turned red with embarrassment. “Not exactly. But I wanted to catch him in action. I’m so sorry, Jordan.” He pulled her closer to his chest giving her the perfect opportunity to snag his wallet. “It’s okay.” She sniffled. “I’m just glad it’s over.”


“I’ll most likely be suspended from work which works out. I need some time off anyways. I think you do too.” He assumed. “I could definitely use a vacation. Like now.” She let out a small sob. “Well how about this? We can head up to my brother’s cabin in the mountains this weekend. It’s real nice up there.” She gave him a grateful smile. “That sounds wonderful, Michael. I could meet you there. Save the address in my phone.” She handed her cell to him. After he was done typing it in, he kissed her on the forehead. “I guess I need to go help them wrap everything up. Stay here.” She nodded her head but as soon as his back was turned, she slipped away from the crime scene and called for a taxi.


She shut her phone off and threw into the bushes. Michael would look for her, sure, but he wouldn’t find her…and if he did happen to get lucky, she would take care of him when that day came. She grinned at the driver when the cab came to stop in front of her then climbed into the backseat. “Where to?” He asked. “The airport.” She replied happily. “I hear Paris is nice this time of year.”

The End.

Deceit 12


Jared turned around slowly and met his wife’s eyes. “Jordan…you can’t be serious.” He gaped at her and she chuckled bitterly. “Oh but I am. I’m going to lay you to rest right here with your all of your past secretaries. That includes your most recent conquest, Patricia.” He gulped when Jordan said the name of his mistress. “You were behind her disappearance? Dianna and Helen, too?” He whispered and shook his head in disbelief. “But why?”

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out about your vasectomy, Jared? Alicia told me! Then earlier today she stupidly revealed your other secret. You had an affair with my best friend last year!” She spat at him. “I had to put her down.” Jordan admitted sadly. “You knew I wanted a family but you were never ready to settle. Instead you hurt me…again and again. Now it’s my turn.” She pointed the gun to his head but in one swift movement he knocked it from her hand and gripped her by the throat. “I don’t think so, dear.” He growled as his fingers dug in deeply.


She struggled to get away from him and they landed in a heap next to Michael. As her husband straddled her and raised his fist to hit her, she noticed Michael was beginning to stir. “Help me! He’s trying to kill me!” She screamed as loud as she could. Michael lifted his head and quickly assessed the scene before jumping up to tackle Jared. “Wait!” Jared cried. “It was her! She’s a mur-” There was a loud thunk then Jared fell to the ground. Jordan dropped the shovel she was holding and collapsed to her knees. “Please tell me he’s dead.”


Michael bent over Jared’s body and checked for a pulse. There wasn’t one. “He’s gone, Jordan. I’m sorry.” He murmured. “Don’t you dare apologize. It was either you or him and he was a bad man.” She shivered for effect. “While you were unconscious he admitted to killing those girls. They’re buried right here…under this tree.” She wiped a nonexistent tear from her cheek. “I knew it! I’ve got to call this in, I’ll be right back.” Before he made his call, he cupped her face and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, babe. You’re safe now.”

Deceit 11


Jordan tucked Michael’s gun into the waistband of her underwear and hid herself from view in the backyard. She could hear him quietly shuffling around as he looked for her. “Jordan, come out so we can talk about this.” She covered her mouth to mask the sound of her frantic breathing. “Look, I know you’re scared and I’m sorry you were dragged into this mess. I’ve been investigating your husband. I know I haven’t been doing things by the book because you’re involved but please believe me…he’s not who you think he is.”

There was a loud grunt and the sounds of a struggle then the gate next to her creaked open. Jordan took her shoes off and was prepared to run but she heard her husband’s voice. “Jordan?” She flew into his open arms. “Oh Jared! You’re okay!” He held her onto her hands and kissed them tenderly. “I’m glad he didn’t hurt you. That man is a liar! I’ve done nothing wrong!” He declared while shaking his head. “I believe you and I’m so sorry I brought him into our lives.” She hung her head in shame. “I forgive you, Jordan.” He told her with a sad smile. “We’ll get through this.”


Jordan had a bad thought then. “Did you kill him?” She gasped. “No, of course not! I merely returned the favor of knocking him out.” She feigned a sigh of relief. “But what if he doesn’t stop coming after us? We need to get rid of him.” He stared back at her with wide eyes. “How?” Jordan already knew what to do. “Go get him and meet me by the big tree at the edge of our property.”


Jared dragged Michael to the base of the tree and found Jordan waiting for him with a shovel. “What is that awful smell?” He asked as he wrinkled his nose in disgust. “We don’t have time to worry about that. Dig.” She demanded and thrust the shovel into his hands. “This is a bad idea.” He murmured but he began digging anyways. A short while later he dumped Michael into the hole and looked up for Jordan’s approval. “Deep enough?” She shrugged and pulled the gun from her dress. “It’ll have to do. Now get in with him.”

Deceit 10


“Get into the car, Jordan.” Michael spoke in a soft but menacing tone as he ushered her closer to his police cruiser. “No!” She struggled to get out of his grasp. “I’m not going anywhere with you!” He put his hand over her mouth and dragged her to the passenger side door. “Please stop screaming. I’m not going to hurt you. Now get into the damn car!”

She bit down on his hand as hard as she could and he immediately let her go while swearing in pain. “Jordan! I’m beginning to lose my patience with you.” He muttered gruffly. “Your life is in danger! Please just trust me.” He told her as she backed away from him. “After what you did to Jared? The stalking and sneaking around my house? The only protection I need is from you!” She laughed bitterly. “Give me a chance to explain…I promise everything will make sense once we get back to the station and I get you to safety. Don’t you want to know the truth?”


“I do.” She admitted slowly. “Then come with me.” He gave her a hopeful smile. If he thought he was winning her over…he was wrong. “Fine. But only if you give me your gun.” She put her hands on her hips and looked him square in the eye. “Be reasonable, Jordan.” Michael sighed. “It’s the only way we both win.” She held her hand out expectantly. With a loud groan, he passed his revolver to her and walked around to the other side of the car. “Don’t accidentally shoot me.” He mumbled. “No promises.” She stuck her tongue out at him and opened the door to the backseat.


“Wait! Not that door!” A large black bag fell out of the car and landed on the ground next to Jordan’s feet. “Is-is that a body?” She whispered fearfully. “Why was there a body in the back of your car, Michael?” She looked to him for an answer. “Who is it?” She asked shakily as she bent down to inspect it.” Leave it alone. You don’t want to know.” Michael warned her. “But I do want to know.” She replied stubbornly and unzipped the bag a small ways. “Alicia!” She gasped and scrambled to her feet. “You killed my best friend.” She cried. “Now Jordan, if you only let me explain…” Michael began to say but it was too late, she had already began running for her life.

Deceit 9


“This was quite a surprise.” Jared told Jordan as they were seated at an outside table. “It’s a nice night too. And I’m in good company.” He tipped his wine glass towards her before taking a sip. “I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together.” She mentioned casually. He put his hand over hers then his smile vanished in an instant. “Why don’t you tell me why we’re really here.”

Jordan was speechless momentarily. “We need to talk.” She finally managed to say. He sighed and shook his head angrily. “This about that guy who walked you home, isn’t it? You’re leaving me for him!” He accused, his voice growing louder and louder with outrage. “Well, I won’t make it easy for you, Jordan. You came to me with nothing and you’ll leave with nothing.” He spat at her. “That’s not it!” She cried then glanced at the people around them to make sure none of the other restaurant guests were paying attention to their heated conversation…but someone was.

It was Michael. He was gazing at them curiously from a table not far away.


She jumped from her seat in a panic and told her husband that she was ready to leave. “Sit back down, we’re not done discussing this mess! Plus we haven’t even ordered yet!” Jared yelled. “We’re being stalked, Jared.” She whispered to him nervously. “That’s what I was trying to say. Please…take me home.” She begged. “You should’ve lead with that.” He gave her a dark look and stood abruptly.


Before they could make it inside the safety of their house later that night, a police car with it’s lights flashing peeled into the yard. Michael got out and told Jared to get on his knees with his hands up. Jared did as he was told then Michael knocked him out with his gun. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jordan shrieked with terror. Michael turned to her and stared at her vacantly. “Saving your life.”

Deceit 8


“It’s your day off! Why on Earth would you come in today?” Alicia stared at Jordan with wide eyes when she showed up at the office later that afternoon. “I have to talk to you. It’s about something seriously bad.” She told her friend in a shaky voice. Alicia clucked her tongue disapprovingly and took her by the arm. “Well let’s at least get you hidden in one of the empty exam rooms before Dr. Nichols puts you to work!”


“Now tell me everything and don’t leave anything out.” She listened without speaking as Jordan told her the whole story about how Michael had become so unstable recently. “Sleep with a guy one time and he loses his shit.” Alicia shook her head and crossed her arms. “For once in my life, I don’t know what to say. Maybe he’s just mad about you…like actually lovesick. Or maybe the crazy has always been there and you could never see it before? I used to wish I could live a day in your shoes but now I don’t know about all that.” She cracked a smile. “What do you think he was looking for?” Jordan bit her lip and thought for a minute. “I don’t know…he was going through our credit card statements. I think he was trying to find something that would make me leave Jared quicker but there was nothing out of the ordinary that I could see.” She hunched over the stool she was sitting on and sighed miserably. “What should I do?”


“Maybe you should come clean to Jared.” Alicia offered. “I know that sounds like the worst thing in the world right now but he’s your husband. He’ll want to protect you even though you made a tiny mistake…or two.” Jordan laughed dryly. “A tiny mistake? Do you really think he’ll forgive me so easily?” Alicia shrugged. “Never know unless you give it a try. Make reservations at his favorite place and after a few glasses of wine just lay it on him.” Jordan nodded in agreement. “You’re right…it’s probably for the best. I’ll tell him tomorrow night.” Alicia squeezed her shoulder gently. “Good luck girl, you’re gonna need it.”

Deceit 7


Jordan spent the next day at the spa, hoping a hot oil massage would help ease her troubled mind. Once she was feeling much more relaxed and partially ready to take on the decision she would have to make in the near future, she made her way back home. The last thing she expected to find when she got there was Michael rummaging through files in the office she shared with her husband. “Have you lost your damn mind?” She shrieked from behind him, startling him from whatever he was reading. He whirled around to face her with a bewildered expression. “I didn’t think you’d be back so soon.” He murmured vacantly then grabbed another box.


“Stop what you’re doing right this moment or I’m going to call the police!” She threatened and pulled her cellphone from her purse. “Now you’re being ridiculous.” He snorted. “Have you forgotten something, babe?” He pointed to the badge hooked to his belt. “I am the police.” She stared at him in shock. “I can’t believe you broke in.” She shook her head and backed away from him slowly. “Don’t you need a warrant to search my house? And what exactly are you looking for anyways?” In one long stride, he closed the gap between them. “I can’t tell you yet. But one day…you’ll thank me.” His eyes searched hers carefully…it was almost as if he was willing her to read his mind. But all she could think of was the distrust she felt for him now. Her hand snaked out and landed across his face with a loud crack. “Get out. Now.”


He rubbed the sore spot tenderly. “Fine, I’ll go. But you’ll call soon and you’ll beg me to come back, Jordan. Trust me on that.” He vowed. “I never want to see you again!” She yelled at his retreating figure. She picked up a lamp and hurled it in his direction. It only narrowly missed when Michael poked his head back in the door and smirked at her. “I’ll be waiting by the phone…patiently.”

Deceit 6


“So how did your hot date last night go? Don’t hold back any details either…I’m going through a dry spell and now I have to live vicariously through you.” Alicia prattled on noisily in Jordan’s ear. “About how you expected.” Jordan mentioned casually. “Truth be told…I didn’t even feel like me anymore by the time I went home.” She declared. “He was that good, huh?” Alicia giggled loudly. “Does he happen to have a brother?”

“Sorry but no.” Jordan rolled her eyes and looked out of the window. “There’s more though.” She spoke in a hushed whisper in case her husband woke up from his nap. Then something outside caught her attention. “I’m going to have to call you back later…there’s someone snooping around my yard. “Do you want me to call the cops?” Alicia sounded concerned. “No…I think I know who it is.” Jordan growled and pressed the end button on her cell then marched to her mailbox. “What do you think you’re doing?” She hissed at Michael who jerked his head up from the pile of bills in his hands. “Bringing you your mail, of course.” He flashed her a charming smile and followed her to the front porch. “You can’t just show up here whenever you like. My husband is home.” She frowned at him and leaned against the door frame. “I’m sorry, babe…I didn’t know. But I thought you were going to do something about him.” Michael leaned in closer to place a gentle kiss on her neck. “You promised, remember?”


“I said that I would think about it, Michael!” She snapped and pulled away from him. “I can’t just leave any time I want. I have to be smart about this or I’ll end up penniless.” She admitted begrudgingly. “So it’s about the money then? I can’t give you a life like he can but we’ll get by just fine, I swear to that.” He stared at her intently. “That’s not all of it, you know.” She sighed.


“You’re mine now.” He whispered in her ear. “And I can’t stand the thought of you being here with him any longer than you have to be.” His sudden possessiveness was rubbing Jordan all wrong. “You need to leave. You’re not acting like yourself.” Michael gaped at her as if she’d just struck him. “Go now!”

Deceit 5


“This is the best thing I could’ve hoped for after the day I had.” Michael tried to speak through frantic kisses once Jordan met him at a hotel they agreed upon on the other side of town. “I’ve been waiting so patiently for you to call and finally you did.” He smiled up at her happily. “Oh yeah?” She grinned seductively. “Just wait until you see what I’ve got on underneath my clothes.” She stood and took off her scrubs, revealing the lacy little number that she’d bought on her lunch break.


Michael gazed at her with hungry eyes. “Wow.” He rasped. “Just wow.” She giggled and pounced on him, pinning him down to the bed. “If you stare any longer your eyeballs just might pop out.” She teased. He reached up and trailed a finger down her cheek. “I just wanted to take a moment and make sure that the mental picture of you wearing that is ingrained in my mind for the rest of my days.” He whispered huskily. “Flatterer.” She stuck her tongue out at him then shot a quick glance at the clock on the nightstand. “We don’t have a lot of time.” She reminded him urgently. “We better make the most of it then.” His voice held the promise of many things to come.


“Do you think it’s possible to still be in love with someone that you haven’t even seen in a decade?” Michael thought out loud after their wild and frenzied lovemaking session. “Distance and time never separates two hearts that really care.” Jordan mumbled absentmindedly from where she was comfortably resting on his chest. It was some recycled jargon that she’d heard in a movie once but it still seemed to fit the scenario. “If we’re going to do this and I mean really do this then we shouldn’t have to sneak around like a couple of teenagers. We’re adults and we know what we want.” She looked up at him in confusion. “We do?” She asked in a low whisper. “I want you, Jordan. I always have. For as long as I can remember.” Michael confessed. “You need to leave your husband…as soon as possible.”

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