Homecoming 2.30

*Ethan’s POV*

“Mol?” Ethan rested his hand on his wife’s leg while she drove. “What happened while I was gone?” She pursed her lips and kept her eyes on the road straight ahead, but didn’t speak. He sighed irritably and shook his head. “It’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me, but please…slow down at least.” She lifted her foot off the gas a bit, but she was still going way too fast around the winded path.

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Then Cal began crying in the backseat. Ethan didn’t have a chance to feed him earlier unfortunately. He rooted around in the diaper bag, looking for something to keep him quiet until they got to wherever they were going. “Shut that damn kid up before I drive us over a fuckin’ cliff!” Mollie snapped heatedly.

“Mollie!” Ethan stared at her in shock. “That’s our son.” Her hands dug into the steering wheel as she gripped it tightly, then she glanced over at him. “Forgive me for losing my composure, but you know how I feel about kids, lover.” She gave him a tight lipped smile. The way her eyes were shining with malice, it looked as if she’d finally lost her mind. “Lover?” He repeated softly. “Why would you call me that?” She chuckled and turned the radio on, then began singing along to a rap song he’d never heard before.

Ethan kept his mouth shut. There was no use in trying to talk her any further; especially while she was driving. He turned around and made sure Cal was strapped in good, then checked his own seatbelt. He didn’t know what Mollie was up to, but he didn’t have a good feeling about it. Maybe it was time for another visit to the mental institution.

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Even though he was determined to stay awake to see where she was taking them, his body betrayed him and he dozed off during the last legs of the trip. He only awoke to the sound of gravel underneath the tires. He opened his eyes and gaped in horror. They were back at the Applegate Farm. Mollie turned and grinned menacingly at him. “Welcome home, Ethan.”

The End…


Homecoming 2.29

*Mollie’s POV*

They were finally free. Mollie just knew deep in her bones that this was the place they were going to start their life together. She was so positive and excited that she immediately agreed when Ethan announced he was going to town. She waved him out the door with Calvin, telling him to have some bonding time together. He wanted her to tag along, but she desperately wanted to make a dent in their belongings before the day ended. She knew it was their first day there and unpacking EVERYTHING would be unrealistic, but she needed to get somewhere.

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She needed their little cottage to feel like home.

It was an hour after Ethan left when she heard a noise outside. She was surrounded by open boxes, and had clothes and other random objects scattered about. She stood up and moved to the front door, but was stopped halfway by a loud crash behind her.

Mollie swiftly turned around to be tackled to the ground by a very large and crazy-looking woman. “You destroyed everything, you crazy bitch!” she shouted as she wrapped her large fingers around Mollie’s neck and tried to choke her.

Coughing loudly between large gasps of air, the former starlet struggled under the woman’s large frame until she managed to grab a heavy object close by. She swiftly brought it up behind the woman and smacked her in the head. When she released her hold on her, Mollie scooted backwards before standing to her feet.

The woman glared up at her. “Evan was too precious for you,” she spat.

Mollie’s eyes grew wide with fear before she threw herself on the woman and began punching her over and over in the face. When she laid completely still under her, Mollie repaid the favor from earlier by pulling her to her feet and choking her. However, she didn’t stop.

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After the woman completely stopped moving, Mollie stood to her feet and looked at her bloody hands. She stared at them long and hard before it dawned on her what she had done. She didn’t hesitate to jump into action, though. It was like she was on set again. She knew this song and dance all too well. And when Ethan arrived home later that evening to discover all their stuff in the car once more, he didn’t get a chance to argue. He got in the car and Mollie drove.

Homecoming 2.28

*Ethan’s POV*

There really wasn’t anything else Ethan could do besides give in to Mollie’s wishes. He never imagined they’d be leaving another home in another town, but they couldn’t stay any longer if his family wasn’t safe. Ethan would get in touch with a real estate agent once they were settled in elsewhere. They packed as many of their belongings as they could into the car and shut the door on their lives in Brindleton Bay forever.

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Ethan drove for hours while his wife looked out of the window at the scenery and his son slept in his car seat. When the sun began setting, Mollie finally pulled an old map from the glovebox and decided on a place. “How about further up the mountains? I bet it’s gorgeous there…and quiet. I could use some quiet.” She suggested with a sleepy yawn before peering into the rearview mirror. “Anything you want, babe.” He glanced over at her and gave her a smile. “This asshat behind us sure is hugging our tailgate.” She muttered unhappily.

“Ethan! Watch out!” Mollie screeched suddenly. Ethan’s heart jumped in his chest, but he was able to hug the curb as a red minivan shot past them and turned down the next street. “That idiot!” He yelled furiously. “They could’ve forced us off the road and over the guardrail!” Mollie gulped visibly. It would have been a long fall down. “I’ll be so glad when this trip is over.”

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Eventually they made it unharmed to Granite Falls and rented out a nice lodge there, but neither of them noticed when the van from earlier pulled in the driveway of the rental next door.

Homecoming 2.27

*Mollie’s POV*

Mollie wakes up early the next morning to do her ritual baby feeding. Calvin has made it his mission in life to always wake his mom up at least twenty minutes earlier than he did the day before. She swears up and down that one of these days, he’ll have her up ten minutes after she closes her eyes to sleep.

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While Calvin happily shoves cereal into his piehole, Mollie goes off to retrieve the mail. As soon as she opens the front door, she releases an ear-splitting screech and steps back a few inches with wide eyes. A half-eaten carcass that was once a poodle laid on their porch. It wasn’t long before Ethan was at her side and just as freaked out as her.

Ethan called the police while Mollie ran off to puke up nothing. She’d been high-strung since they got that note in the mail. Once the police arrived, she took control and told them everything – including the note. The police were immediately alert. They knew Mollie and Ethan’s past, so they weren’t going to take this threat lightly. They just didn’t know where to start since Evan was dead.

After the officers were gone and the dead dog was scraped off their porch, Mollie fell onto the couch and stared blankly ahead. “I want to leave.”

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Ethan stopped in front of her and stared at her for a moment. When she looked up into his eyes with her emerald orbs, he sighed. “Okay.”

“Ethan,” she began softly.


“I want to leave now.”

Homecoming 2.26

*Ethan’s POV*

Over the next few weeks, the chaos that surrounded the Miller family started to disperse. Life began to return to normal…somewhat. Mollie was still tense, and she was having trouble sleeping. Even the smallest bump in the night had her on her toes. Who could blame her though? Ethan surely didn’t.

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He observed his wife from the dining room table while she prepared breakfast for Calvin. She still looked and sounded like his Mollie, but something was off. She hadn’t been quite the same since the night she killed Evan. She looked up from the cutting board where she was slicing fruit and caught him staring at her. “What?” She raised an eyebrow. “Oh, nothing. It’s just that I missed mornings like these.” He gave her a reassuring smile. She nodded her head absentmindedly.”It’s really good to be home.”

She suddenly perked up when she noticed the time on the microwave. “Did you check the mail yet?” She grinned. “I’ll go now.” He kissed her cheek as he slipped out the back door. Ever since their story had been plastered all over the place, Homecoming fans were reaching out to them. Each day something new came. Nice letters, stuffed animals, flowers, candies and the like. Today was no different. He pulled a stack of envelopes from the mailbox and the one on top caught Ethan’s attention right away. There was no return address and the odd, red ink still hadn’t completely dried.

“This one’s kinda weird.” He mumbled to Mollie as he came back inside and showed it to her. “Look at the handwriting. It looks like…Evan’s.” The color drained from her face. “Open it. Now!” She demanded. He tore it open and slid a single sheet of wrinkled paper out. The message was smeared, but still legible. “It’s not over.”

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“Ethan!” Mollie gasped. “It’s written in blood!”

Homecoming 2.25

*Mollie’s POV*

It took a minute for Mollie to stop seeing red and give Ethan the gun. Once he held it in his hands once more, he quickly pulled her into his arms and held her until she was finally calm enough to walk outside. He led her over to Matthew’s truck, then quickly gathered Calvin into his arms. The boy clung to him desperately. It was as if he knew that everything was okay now.

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As Ethan gently swayed Calvin in his arms, Mollie turned away to stare at Matthew’s unconscious form. She was half tempted to kick him until he was bloody, but she lost all her inhibitions when he groaned and pushed himself off the ground.

He slowly got up, then looked at them head on. Ethan didn’t hesitate to move between him and Mollie. He quickly handed Calvin to her, then pointed the gun at Matthew’s face. “Hold on!” he shouted.

“Why should I? You were helping that crazy man!” he snapped.

“I had no choice,” he replied with a shake of his head. “He was holding my family hostage.”

Mollie scoffed loudly. “It was probably a trick to get someone to help him. He said Ethan was in the basement this whole time. That was clearly a lie!”

“He showed me pictures!” he shouted.

“Either way, I don’t want you anywhere near Mollie or my son,” Ethan stated firmly before cocking his shotgun. Matthew immediately backed away with his hands in the air. Silence fell between them after that. It was only broken when Mollie finally suggested they call the police.

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It wasn’t long before the Applegate farm was surrounded by police cars. Questions were flying left and right at the three of them, but all Mollie could think about was taking Calvin home. If it wasn’t for Ethan holding her upright, she probably would have passed out.

It was almost midnight when they finally were allowed to leave the scene of the crime. Mollie fell asleep in the passenger seat with Calvin on her lap. Ethan didn’t mind. He stared at her for a few minutes before finally driving away. However, nothing was ever going to be the same…

Homecoming 2.24

*Ethan’s POV*

“It’s me, Mol. You’re going to be okay.” Ethan reassured his wife. She finally opened her eyes and gazed at him tearfully. “Oh Ethan!” She cried as she flung herself into his arms. “I assumed the worst had happened!” He flinched when she squeezed him too tight. “Are you hurt?” She took a step back and pulled his shirt up, then began poring over his body for wounds.

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“That psycho got in a few good licks, that’s for sure.” He winced as Mollie found the sore spot. It was probably a broken rib. “Babe, quit fussing over me. It’s nothing too serious.” He took her hands and pulled her back into his arms. “I can’t imagine what you went through while you were here.” He mumbled as he kissed the top of her head.

“It doesn’t matter now.” He could tell that she didn’t want to talk about it. “The only thing that does matter is that you came for us. You saved me and Calvin.” Her eyes grew big at the mention of their son’s name. “He’s fine, Mol. He’s asleep in Matt’s truck, but we should go check on him.” He led her by the shoulders to the bedroom door.

“Can we go home now?” She turned and looked at him with such hope in her eyes that Ethan hated to tell her no. “I wish I could say yes, but it’ll be a while. We have to call the police, and then they’re going to ask us a lot of questions before they let us go.” She nodded unhappily. “I’m just so glad it’s all over. It is over, right?” She stared at Evan’s body anxiously. Ethan felt sick to his stomach when he realized Evan’s chest was rising and falling.

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“He’s still breathing.” Ethan grunted and immediately backed them away from him. Evan rolled to his side then, and began laughing as he coughed up blood. “You’ll never get rid of me.” He cackled. “I’m just going to keep coming back over and over and over-” He was cut off by the shotgun exploding in his face. The gun hung from Mollie’s fingertips as she glared at the bloody mass that used to be Evan’s head. “It’s definitely over now.”

Homecoming 2.23

*Mollie’s POV*

Mollie found herself at Evan’s mercy. She tried to fight back, but he proved to be a lot stronger than she was. It was at that moment that she wished she WAS as strong as her movie counterpart.

Before she could blink, Evan had her pressed into the mattress and his body on top of her. She struggled against him as he produced a knife from the bedside table. With a wild-eyed expression, he pressed the knife to her throat. “You’ve troubled me long enough. I wanted us to be happy together! We could have been, you know…” he whispered as he pressed the sharp blade hard against her flesh, cutting slightly into the tender meat.

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She whimpered as he cut the top of her shirt, but everything stopped when the door was kicked in. Mollie’s gaze immediately went to the unexpected visitor. She couldn’t have been happier to see her beloved Ethan standing there in the doorway.

“You!” Evan cried as he jumped off of her.

“Get the fuck away from my wife!” he snapped before cocking his shotgun. He pointed at him to shoot, but Evan jumped out of the way at the last minute.

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Mollie screamed as the gun went off. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, too scared to watch them. She heard them struggling, though. She knew Ethan had tackled her kidnapper to the ground. She heard the clatter of the knife as it flew from Evan’s hands and slid across the floor. The last thing she heard was the gun going off for a second time.

Then there was silence.

“Oh God,” she whispered. She pressed her eyes even tighter together when she felt a hand on her cheek. “Ethan…?” she whimpered pitifully.

Homecoming 2.22

*Ethan’s POV*

He parked a little ways down the road from the Applegate Farm and walked the rest of the way there. When he saw headlights coming in the opposite direction, Ethan tucked his shotgun under his arm and hid among the trees. A moment later, a familiar truck pulled into the driveway and parked right outside of the barn. “Matt?” He whispered to himself as he crept closer.

He watched with rage filling his every being as Matt pulled Mollie out of the passenger seat and shoved her into Evan’s waiting arms. “That bastard.” He growled under his breath and made his way to Matt’s truck. “What about my family, Evan?” Matt called out as Evan dragged Mollie to the farmhouse. “Are they safe now?”

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“We’ll see.” Evan chuckled and slammed the door behind him and Mollie. Ethan inched closer to where Matt was leaning against the truck with his face in his hands. In one swift movement, he bashed his shotgun against Matt’s head. The older man crumpled to the ground with a soft thud and just for good measure, Ethan hit him again. Then he crouched down and checked for a pulse, hoping he didn’t kill him. He didn’t know what part Matt played, but he didn’t believe he would willingly help Evan hurt Mollie. Matt wasn’t dead to his relief, merely unconscious.

Before going inside for Mollie, Ethan peeked into the truck and saw Calvin curled up in a ball with his thumb in his mouth. “Hey buddy.” He opened the door as quietly as he could and put his arms around his son. “Daddy’s here now.” He murmured into Cal’s ear while he slept. “Soon we’ll all be going home.”

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A bloodcurdling scream came from the house then, and it shook Ethan to his core. He ran up the path and kicked the door open. There was a body in the foyer. As he stepped over it, he realized it was Jackson. He must’ve came looking for Luna and was met with a bad end. Ethan took a deep breath and squared his shoulders before venturing further into the house.

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