JW 40


A year later we moved our little family to an outpost on Sixam. It’s quiet and literally in the middle of nowhere but it’s home! Martina decided to come back with us, she wanted to be around to watch Orion grow up. And I go back my hometown of Oasis Springs at least once a month to catch up with my Dad, sister, and nephew. In the comfort of the outpost, no one uses their human disguise…they’re all free to be themselves here. And I’m still learning so much from Nolan and Martina, right now they’re teaching me how to translate their alien language. Speaking of Nolan…our love is still going strong. He means everything to me. My better half, my confidant, my lover…my best friend. Every day, I thank the stars for sending him to me. It’s been a truly “out of this world” experience. And I’m so very happy to say…wishes do come true.

The End.


JW 39


The next few years were a whirlwind of events. In the beginning, Nolan had a lot to teach me about his species and human disguises and alien powers…but luckily I was a fast learner. Our son, Orion, grew up so quickly…time sure does fly. He looks just like Nolan and Martina…in both forms. But at least he has my freckles. While we were making wedding plans, we decided we needed to have “the talk” with my Dad and sister…I figured they’d try to have me committed to an insane asylum…but to my surprise, they took it all rather well. Especially Dad…he said he always knew there was life on other planets. And eventually when the dust settled, Nolan and I finally tied the knot…on his home planet. All of our family came and took in the sights and pure wonder of Sixam. Nolan and I sealed our love with a kiss while the people who meant the most to us looked on. Our wedding was perfect…and definitely one of a kind…how many people can say they got married on alien planet?

JW 38


“Nolan…do you notice anything “odd” about our son?” I asked while rubbing my temples. “No way. He’s perfect.” Nolan grinned. “Look at him! He’s green! This can’t be normal.” I hissed, pointing towards the crib. “It must have something to do with the portal in your room…I went through it and back again…something went wrong somewhere along the way.” I began to ramble while pacing back and forth. “Wait…you went through the portal?” Nolan asked, interrupting my thoughts. “What did you see?” I stopped pacing and tried to concentrate. “You know exactly what I saw, Nolan. And you have a lot of explaining to do.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “It might be better if I show you. Close your eyes. Just for a second.” I put my hands on my hips and shut my eyes. “I’m waiting…” I said impatiently. “Okay. Open them. And don’t be afraid.” He whispered. My eyes fluttered open and I quickly put my hand over my mouth to keep from shrieking. A moment passed and I realized I wasn’t even angry. “Our son is like you.” I murmured, gazing at him. “Is your mother like you, too?” I asked curiously. He nodded his head. “Why did you come here…to Earth?” He gave me a small smile. “A long time ago, a little redheaded girl made a wish on a star. She wished for a best friend. Someone that would understand her, believe in her, and love her unconditionally. I heard her.” He took my hand and rubbed it across his cheek. “I came for you.”

JW 37


I checked the time once I was back in Nolan’s room…I wasn’t even gone for a minute. Did time stop once I crossed through the portal? How odd! I quickly got dressed and made my way over to Nolan’s house. I had so many questions for him. I knocked on his door and he called out “Who is it?” I cleared my throat. “It’s me, Jane. Can I come in? We need to talk.” I heard his bedroom door open and footsteps towards the front door. “Come on in, it’s unlocked.” I walked in and there he was…down on one knee with a ring gleaming in his hands. “Jane, I can’t live without you.” I was flattered but right at that moment my stomach began twisting into knots, then my water broke. “Nolan…” I gave him a pained expression. He jumped up from the ground. “Hospital?” He asked worriedly. “We don’t have time, the baby is coming now!” I cried out, reaching towards him. He took me by the arm and led me to the guest room…which he’d turned into a nursery. I gave him a small smile of thanks before another contraction hit. Within minutes, the baby came. “It’s a boy!” Nolan exclaimed happily. I stood up and tried to waddle towards them. “Let me see!” He brought him to me and I gazed down lovingly at the baby in my arms. “Oh!” I gasped. My son was…green?

JW 36


When I came out on the other side of the portal, I was amazed at my new surroundings. I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore, let alone Earth. My stomach was a bit uneasy from the trip, it was gurgling and rumbling, then suddenly I let out a huge burp. Much better. “Hang in there kiddo…we’re going on an adventure.” I said while rubbing my belly. Then I began my trek into the unknown, taking in all the sights around me. It was all so strange and mysterious. I climbed to the top of a hill and stared out into the bright blue water. I could see lights in the far distance…was it civilization? I was curious…but I wasn’t afraid. Not until I saw a figure on a hill and it was coming straight towards me. This was fun and all but it was time to head back. Of course I wanted to discover life on another planet…just not at this moment. I turned around and jogged back to the portal home. I could hear sounds from behind me…was the figure calling out to me? I didn’t want to find out though. I closed my eyes and jumped into the portal once more…

JW 35


The next morning as I was getting dressed, I heard the whispering again. The voices sounded…foreign. I walked over to the bookcase…the voices grew even louder. A green book near the bottom of the shelf caught my eye…it was faced a different way than the other backs. I tapped it and I was stunned when the bookcase popped open revealing a doorway. Nolan certainly had some explaining to do. Once inside the secret room, I noticed a large contraption in the middle of the room. The whispering was coming from inside of it! I reached my hand through and watched it disappear completely. What was this thing? A portal of some sort? Where did it lead to? I was intrigued. I noticed a suit in the corner and I have no idea what compelled me to put it on but I did… then I turned to face the portal once more. And without a second thought, I stepped inside…

JW 34


A few weeks passed before I decided to take Martina up on her offer. It was just too crowded at Dad’s and it’s not like I was going too far…literally next door. I quickly made myself at home in Nolan’s room. I looked around at all his collectibles and chuckled at his silly posters. Then I finally took the time to listen to all the voicemails he’d left me. By the time I was done, there were tears in my eyes. He’d said all the right things…everything I needed to hear. It was time to make amends…I would go speak with him first thing in the morning. I plopped down on his bed and moved around until I got comfortable. His sheets still smelled like him, it just made me miss him even more. Eventually I fell asleep. But sometime during the night, I was startled awake. I sat upright and looked at the clock…it was only 4am. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stretched. Then I heard it again…the noise that had woken me. It sounded like someone whispering from behind the walls…

JW 33


Early one morning, I walked over to Martina’s house for a chat. I felt like she deserved the truth. Plus if she was going to be dating my father, then there couldn’t be any secrets between us. We sat down for a cup of tea and I told her a little about what’d happened between Nolan and I. But I left out all the parts about Alice. I figured Nolan could tell his mom about that mess. But to my surprise, Martina already knew everything! Nolan had filled her in the night he found out that I was pregnant! I’d forgotten how close they were. Martina seemed to have high hopes that Nolan and I would be able to work it all out. Her optimism gave me hope but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. Also she seemed genuinely excited that she was going to be a grandmother. She put her hand over mine and told me that she’d always liked me. It was a comforting thought. She said that she still had Nolan’s old crib in storage…and with some paint it’d be just like new. Then she offered to let me stay in Nolan’s old room since Dad’s house was already pretty full. It was a kind gesture, I told her I’d think about it…

JW 32


I forgot how cramped it was inside my father’s house. Chase had been given my old room when I moved out the first time…but now that I was back, he was sleeping with Blake. It was strange being in my old room again with all of my old stuff…and my childhood memories. I’d taken some time off work so I had plenty of time to think back and be nostalgic. There were little reminders of Nolan all over the place. It made me miss him even more. He actually called every day…which led to my voicemail being filled up but I was still too angry to speak to him. So I ignored him. A few months later, I found out that he’d kicked Alice to the curb the same night that I left. I was kinda disappointed that it took so long for that bit of news to get back to me. Apparently Alice moved back in with her husband…they decided to “work on” things. Blake is doing good. She’s such a great mom and I hope to learn a thing or two from her before my little one gets here. And Dad is still up to his old tricks…and sneaking off to do who knows what. Oddly enough, he recently started dating again. Off all people, it turned out to be Nolan’s mom, Martina, who caught Dad’s eye…making things very awkward for me…

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